Posted by : Sandeep August 22, 2012

Sahebganj Junction

Sahebganj junction is located in the Sahebganj district of Jharkhand. The railway station at Sahebganj comes under the jurisdiction of Eastern Railways. Station code is SBG. This railway station belongs to the Howrah-Delhi main line which is known as the first railway track constructed by the East India Company. The Sahebganj Loop, that is how it is called, connects Khana and Kiul junctions. Katihar junction is the nearest major station, and Bagdogra is the nearest airport.
Sahebganj, Malda, Bhaglpur and Pakur are the nearby places of interest. Major trains passing through this junction are BSB SDAH Express between Varanasi and Sealdah, HWH Gaya Express between Howrah and Gaya, HWH JMP Express connecting Howrah with Jamalpur in Bihar, Brahmaputra Mail connecting Dibrugarh with Delhi, Farakka Express connecting Delhi and Malda, Vananchal Express connecting Bhaglpur with Ranchi, and Guwahati Express connecting Mumbai with Guwahati. Passenger trains running via connect Sahebganj with Malda, Jamalpur, Rampur Hat, Bhararwa, and Azimganj junctions.

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