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Famous for its beautiful sculptured temples, Khajuraho is a major tourist destination in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Beautiful architecture of the temples and exquisitely carved sculptures that adorn the temples make Khajuraho a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
                                                     Chitragupta Temple:
 Dedicated to Lord Surya, Chitragupta temple in Khajuraho is an architectural marvel of Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh and this beautiful monument was built during the 11th century. The temple faces to the east side and enshrined the five ft high idol of Lord Surya in standing position driving a chariot of seven horses. Intricately carved walls, erotic sculptures of human couples, voluptuous Surya Sundaris and image of Lord Vishnu in 11 headed form make the temple a must visit place in Khajuraho.

                                                     Devi Jagdamba temple: 
  It is another historic monument of Khajuraho. Famous for its erotic sculptures and intensively carved figures, Devi Jagdamba temple is among the finest architectural marvels of Khajuraho.  The temple also contains the dazzling images of goddess Parvati along with the image of Mithuna. It also houses beautifully carved panels with the images of Lord Vishnu.

                                                    Kandariya Mahadev temple: 
  It is the most wonderful and largest temple of Khajuraho. This sandstone structure is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This marvelous temple was built during 1025 to 1050 AD. Exquisitely carved main shrine of the temple is adorned with as many as 800 images. The temples structure contains Ardhamandapa, Mahamandapa with several beautifully carved pillars, Prdakshina and Garba Griha. The tower of the temple is about 100 ft high.  Northern and southern sides of the main shrine of the temple contain the most erotic sculptures.  Beautiful mural painting done on the walls of the temple gives us the hint about grandeur of that era.

                                                     Vaman temple: 
  The temple is dedicated to Lord Vaman, the dwarf lord. The temple is situated in the north of Khajuraho district of Madhya Pradesh and is an ancient temple. The structure of the temple bears similarities with the largest temple of Khajuraho. Adinath temple, Parswanath temple, Laxmana temple and Javari temple are some of the many other prominent temples of historic and architectural significance in Khajuraho.

By Air:
Has it's Domestic Airport (hjr) which is well-connected to most of the Indian cities such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Varanasi, Allahabad and Bhopal.

By Train:
Khajuraho railway station 5 km away from this tourist place. Second nearest railway station to the Khajuraho is Mahoba Junction which is around 73 km away.

By Road:

Khajuraho is well connected to all cities in the state and you can take drive in your own vehicle or hire a cab or taxi to reach at this destination.

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