Posted by : Sandeep February 7, 2012

Nagaur fair
     Rajasthan, famous for historic monuments and exquisite architecture, hosts many charming fairs and festival events. Among the fairs of Rajasthan which attracts thousands of tourists not just from other parts of India but from abroad as well is the fair of Nagaur which is popular for its cattle trading. It is sometimes called as the Nagaur cattle fair and boasts of being the second largest fair in entire state of Rajasthan.
Nagaur fair is organized every year in the month of Jan-Feb. the fair continues for eight days and draws many tourists to witness the amazing event. The fair was started by a king Mr. Umed Singh of Jodhpur dynasty in honor of Sh. Ramdeoji about 56 year back. It is held at Nagaur, a charming town situated between Jodhpur and Bikaner. About 70 thousands cattle are sold and bought every year at the fair.  Here you will get to see many camels, horses and other animals being traded.  
Nagaur fair is also known as Ramdeoji cattle fair. People dressed in colorful traditional outfit are seen fascinating the visitors.  Some foreign tourists even are seen in traditional attire of Rajasthan.  Animal like camels and horses brought here for trading are also beautifully decorated by their owners who themselves are seen wearing beautiful vibrant Rajasthani outfit. Though Nagaur fair is mainly related with cattle trading, there are many fun activities that makes the fair more vibrant and fascinating.  Tug of war, camel race, bullock race, cock fight etc are some of amazing events of the fair.  Rajasthani folk dance, music and other cultural and entertaining activities are further attractions of Nagaur fair.

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