Posted by : Sandeep February 7, 2012

Ahmedabad Festivals
     Most of the fairs in Gujarat state are religious festival based. Some of the festivals celebrated here are Uttrayan or Makar sankranti or kite festival, Navratri festival, Jaggannath raht yatra festival, Tarnetra fair, Uttarayan celebrations, and the saptak music festival.
International Kite Festival: is held every year on 14Th January, it coincides with the Uttarayan or Makar Sankranti festivals of the Hindus. People celebrate these festivals, all the business comes to a grinding halt for a few days of this celebration.Expert kite-makers and flyers comes from world to Gujarat at this time.
Rath Yatra: This festival is celebrated in the month of June/July when Deities of Jaggannath temple are taken round in a procession   from Jaggannath Temple in Jamalpur.  The chariots carrying the deties are very nicely decorated with flowers etc. the procession goes through the major street of the city. 
Navratri: The festival is dedicated to the Goddess Shakti. The celebration goes on for nine nights when people perform Rass Garba Dandian Dance for nine nights and enjoy dancing and feasting.Garba Dance is a popular folk Dance of Gujarat
Saptak Music fair: Usually celebrated in the month January in Ahmadabad.  The festival goes on for eleven days where famous vocalist as well as instrumentalists participates each year. The stage setup gives a good opportunity for showing their talent to some good music lovers. 

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