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Lucius Annaeus Seneca the Roman philosopher of 4th century B.C said -

“Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.”

He was so correct  to acknowledge the benefit the human mind can get by under taking travel.

 There are many amongst who like to explore the world by travelling and also many who do not like to travel. This post is for those who don’t and need a push to do so.

Here are 10 things you are going to miss if you do not travel

1) Opportunity to shed away your fears 

When we plan and actually undertake travel we take a step towards becoming more courageous by going into the unknown. When we look back at our life we tend to remember only those moments where we faced uncertainty and yet reached our goals.

2) Developing an attitude of gratitude

When we travel places during our journey we may come across fellow humans who are struggling to live and are suffering. As an example if you visit Jammu and Kashmir you will see civilians in the state of constant fear because of militancy. This changes us to thank the almighty for giving us everything we needed and stop cribbing about the trivial things.

3) Self discovery

When we plunge into the unknown we tend talk to ourselves more on what we are going to face ahead. This helps us to understand ourselves better. We come to know our inhibitions, strengths, weaknesses which is not possible when are a part of the fast paced world before we are undertake travel.

4) Changing your habits for better

Frequent travel in long run will tend to make us more flexible the way we look at things and do things. Travel many a times will force us to change emotionally and physically because unless we do that we are not going to reach our destination. This will in turn help us to embrace change easily when we get back to our worldly routine.

5) Relaxation

Travel helps us to break out of our mundane daily routines and helps us to recharge our batteries. This makes us feel relaxed, more invigorated to take on new challenges with renewed enthusiasm.

6) Reconnecting deeply with people you love

This will hold true if you are undertaking travel with your loved ones, family members or even friends. Travel helps get you rid of daily intrusions you may face during your daily routines which will provide you an opportunity to connect & converse deeply with people who really matter to you. Nothing else more is important in life than spending quality time with people who matter to you and you love.

7) Memories for lifetime 

As we move from present to future the only things we have left with us to live the past once again are the memories. When we travel we will always have some or other memories worth cherishing, stories to tell others. 

8) Enhanced creativity

Many times in life we wish of being more creative in whatever we do at work or in personal lives. Creative juices start flowing only when an individual is relaxed. When we travel we have the opportunity to relax by breaking free from daily clutter and there is a good enough possibility of we finding creative solutions which are needed to resolve challenges we may face at work or personal lives.

9) Increased self esteem

Have you ever undertaken a difficult trek or scaled a difficult mountain? How does it feel then?
Travel helps to improve our self esteem because it gives us a sense of accomplishment. We become more positive and start believing that develop a ‘can do’ attitude.

10) Experience cultures and make new relationships

Travel exposes us to new people, customs and cultures. There is a good enough possibility of we making new friends. Experience is the greatest teacher of all. We can learn about places, people, cultures and customs tones more than by being at a place in real than reading about it.

Travel does not always necessarily mean that one has to travel every time to distant lands but to reach out places where you can, with the time and money you may have at your disposal. The important thing is to move out of your home and explore the world and you are bound to feel a sense of achievement and satisfaction once you complete your travel.

To end here is a quote by Lao Tzu – “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” 

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and explore the beautiful world around you.

If you are an avid traveler share with us which more travel benefits would you like to add to this list?

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