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India is popularly known for its natural beauty and Monsoon is the perfect time to see this beauty. There are many picturesque places in India all of you might have heard/visited in north side of India like Shimla, Kullu-manali, Jammu-Kashmir. Shoja is one of the tourists attraction in North India. Shoja is conspicuously attractive place and is developing as tourist center in the State. The climate in this area is very enjoyable and peaceful in monsoon.

valleys of shoja (
About Shoja:
Shoja is small town located in Kullu district, Himachal Pradesh and 70km away from Kullu city. Shoja is basically situated in Seraj Valley/Great Himalayan National Park.
Shoja is 522 km away from delhi.

Firstly in 1963 Kullu was declared as part of Punjab. In November 1966, Kullu moved from Punjab to Himachal Pradesh as separate district. Lately Shoja was developed by Himachal Pradesh Tourism and identified as a Tourist spot. 

Weather Conditions:
The best time to visit Shoja is during Summer (April-June) and Monsoon (July-September).
During Summer the temperature doesn’t go above 30 degrees and below 5 degrees. In a day time there is pleasent atmosphere and night is a bit cold in summer.
During monsoon moderate Rainfall is there so you can travel around places and enjoy Rain.
Snowfall is there in this region in October, November, December. Often during this period Landslides take place, are unpredictable hence it is suggested not to visit Shoja during this season.

The most fascinating thing about Shoja is it brings us very close to nature. One can walk to explore beautiful places around Shoja or one can take pathway to the jungle. Nature lovers will enjoy the wooded hill slopes at Shoja. 

Rhododendron (
In Summer you will find Blue Iris, Rhododendron Flower on the road sides. Himalayan Musk Deer is one of the popular species of deer you will able to see in Shoja.
Waterfall Point is another attraction in Shoja to refresh yourself. It is just a mile away from Shoja. It is popularly known for its Robust Metal Road.

Jalori pass (

Jalori pass is just 5km away from Shoja and It connects Shimla with Kullu district.Jalori pass is one of the famous mountain in Himachal Pradesh. It is adventure spot famous for trekking and other mountain sports. 
From jalori pass you can take a walk towards another Fascinating place i.e Raghupur Fort. Raghupur Fort was built by Kulu King at an altitude of 3540 m above sea level. Once you reached highest point of Raghupur fort you can see 360 degree view of Himalayas, Dhauladhar and Kinnaur ranges. 

serolsar lake (

Another Stroll which is 6km away from Jalori Pass is Serolsar Lake. This lake is small in size but its water is as clear as crystal. 'Buddhi Nagin' temple is just near to Serolsar lake. Buddhi Nagin is called as mother of 60 ‘Nag Devatas’ in Himachal.

Nearest Tourist Places Around Shoja:
You can take a trip to the nearby places while in Shoja:

It is also located in seraj valley. thanedar is amazingly beautiful place, it is also called as orchard town. Thanedar is also called as birthplace of apples in india.
Shoja to Thanedar takes 3 hours time.

Gushaini is 30 km away from Shoja. Gushaini is located in Tirthan Valley in Kullu. National Park is a good place for Trekking and Rock Climbing in gushaini.

It is approximately at 210 km distance from Shoja. Kinnaur is towards northeast corner of Himachal Pradesh. Three mountains ranges i.e. Zanskar, Greater Himalayas and Dhauladhar are awesomely beautiful mountains ranges are there in Kinnaur enclosing valley of Sutlej, Spiti, Baspa, these valleys are Strikingly Beautiful.

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