Posted by : Sandeep February 8, 2012

Goa Carnival
Carnival in Goa is a three day fest filled with fun and merriment.  Usually the fest would be held in the month of February. Carnival in the Christian terms suggests the festivity that occurs just before the Lent (Lent is fasting period for Christians) period. So, it is the time for fun, frolic and merriment. In 2012 it is going to be celebrated from 18th of February till 21st. 

Goa entices its tourists for this Carnival every year.  Preparations would begin a month before. Masks, costumes, preparing the list of competitions -all would begin a month prior to the fest. Masquerades, processions, drinking and dance are the highlights of the fest; age, gender, creed no bar. Earlier it was restricted only to the Christians. Now it is open for all. The Portuguese in Goa introduced the fest in the year 1961. 

The etymology of ‘Carnival’ goes like this: to retrain from meat. But, it is not clear whether that should be strictly followed. Nevertheless, the festival marks sheer merriment with no bounds. For three to four days people would be immersed in nonstop gala time. This is the only carnival in India that is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Panjim in Goa would come alive with colorful gait. The carnival ends with the well known black and red dance every year. Visit Goa during the Carnival.

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