Posted by : Sandeep February 8, 2012

Fairs and Festivals of Chennai

           Fairs and festival of Chennai provide the visitors an occasion when they can have the close view   of culture and tradition of the people of the city. Along with the national and religious festivals the city of Chennai celebrates its traditional and regional festival and fairs. Pongal, Mamallapuram and Kanthuri are some of the prominent festival celebrated in Chennai with much pomp and show.  Chennai Music and dance festivals celebrated every year in the month of December is a major cultural event of the city.

The festival of Pongal has been the most important festival of Chennai. The festival comes in the month of January- February and is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Pongal is also known as the harvest festival and is a sort of thanksgiving event to the Mother Nature. Arubathimoovar is another prominent festival of Chennai. The festival is dedicated to sixty three saints of Lord Shiva. These saints are greatly revered for their exemplary lives of devotion and penance. Kapaliswar Temple where the 63 bronze statues of these saints are kept is the main venue for the celebration of the festival.    

           Karthikai Deepam also known as the festival of lights is yet another religious festival of Chennai. The festival falls on the full moon day of Nov-Dec month and is celebrated with lightening many lamps in temples and home and bursting firecrackers. Apart from above mentioned festivals and fairs, the city of Chennai host many other cultural events attracting thousands of tourists from all parts of the country.

Organized by Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation, Chennai tourist fair is interesting trade and industrial fair. The fair is held in the month of January to March. The fair is sort of large exhibition displaying the rich culture of the region, places of tourist attraction, economic scenario of the state. The festival is visited by many tourists from far and wide. 

          Chennai is also known for its dance and music festival which is organized every year in the month of December. The festival is participated by many famous musicians and dancers who are seen enthralling the visitors by their outstanding performance. This extravaganza of music and dance also witness the many budding artist taking part and showcasing their talent.  The city of Chennai takes pride in hosting this five-week long festival of music and dance which is considered as one of the largest cultural events in the world.   

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