Posted by : Prashant February 8, 2012

Aurangabad Fairs and Festivals
Aurangabad was developed into a city on a small arid, rocky village named Khadki by an Ethiopian slave Malik Amber in the 17Th century. It flourished as a prosperous Mogul city then hence it has Mogul influence on its culture and lives of the people. But due to industrial developments of present days a large influx of people from other regions has taken place and a mix cultuiral pattern is being seen here. We see Durga Pooja being celebrated by Bengalis, Ravan Dahan (Burning of effigy of Ravan) is organized by North Indians during dusherra. Similarly Ras Dandia is played by Gujarati Community during navratri. People mix and participate in all these festivals. But generally Diwali, Ganesh Chathurti, Holi, Idd, Christmas are celebrated by majority of population.

Aurangabad is famous as a tourist destination due to presence of Ajanta and Ellora caves and bibi Ka Makbara here. Nearby town of Paithan is famous for its Nath Sagar Dam and its temples. Paithan is the birth of saint Eknath. Annual urs at Khultabad is a fair attracting many people of the region. To promote tourism an Ellora festival is organized by Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation during December every year. The festival is held at different sites by rotation at Ajanta Caves, Ellora Caves, Bibi Ka Makbara and Paithan Garden etc.

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