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The first planned city of India, Chandigarh is beautiful city where modernization and nature’s preservation go hand in hand. This prosperous, modern, green city is one of the best planned cities in the world. The City Beautiful as Chandigarh is rightfully called is home to several places of attraction which draws a number of tourists round the year.

Rock Garden :

Rock Garden is the major attraction of Chandigarh, the common capital of Punjab and Haryana states. The innovative Rock Garden is the brain child of Nek Chand. The garden is indeed a marvel of the modern world. It contains some beautifully crafted human and animal figures made of industrial and urban waste like broken porcelain items, broken bangles,     handle bars, metal wires, Ply marble and auto parts, etc. Rock Garden also houses a fascinating man-made waterfall and ponds.

Rose Garden :

Rose Garden is another major attraction of the city of Chandigarh. It happens to be the Asia’s biggest rose garden. Set up in 1967, Rose Garden is named Zakir Gulab Bag after India’s former president Zakir Hussain. The garden is home to innumerable varieties of rose. It also houses some medicinal plants. The garden hosts an annual festival called Rose Festival which draws about 20000 visitors to Chandigarh from different parts of India and other countries.

Sukhna Lake :

Sukhna Lake is a beautiful artificial lake situated near the city of Chandigarh. It serves to be a perfect place to spend weekends and holidays. This three sq km lake is much frequented place in the region. Boating, yachting and water skiing are the preferred activities of the tourists. One can also spot numerous species of domestic and migratory birds at the place. 

Terraced garden :

Varieties of flowering plants Musical fountain are the main attraction of this garden. Relaxing feeling and cool breeze tempt tourists to come and spend evening here.

Pinjore garden, International Doll Museum, Chattbir zoo, Cactus garden and Botanical garden are other places of interest to be visited in and around the city of Chandigarh.

How to reach

By air:

Chandigarh has it's own airport which is 12 km away from the main city. From airport you can take a taxi on rent to reach at your desire destination.

By rail:

Chandigarh railway station is well connected to almost all major cities in India. Railway station is at the distance of 8 kms from the city center.

By road:

Chandigarh has good connectivity with nearby cities and popular tourist attractions. Direct buses and praviate cab, taxis are available from there such as Shimla (120 kms), Kullu (247 Kms) and you can easily get buses and praviate cab, taxis to reach here.


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