Posted by : Sandeep May 2, 2012

The diverse culture of Ahmedabad is known all over the world. The people here are very obsessive regarding their celebration of every festival. Be it Navratri or for that matter Kite flying festival, the people of Ahmedabad celebrates each and every festival with same zeal and gusto. People of Ahmedabad are generally food loving people. The cookery of Ahmedabad is very famous. Ahmedabad is heavenly for food lovers. A Gujrati Thali food has many mouth watering dishes. The food is mainly vegetarian, though non vegetarian food is also available.

The people of Ahmedabad are very active and simple in their nature. During festivity time the whole city is on its toe to celebrate enthusiastically. The people are generally food lover therefore the city restaurants and cafes are always full. As Ahmedabad lies in the state of Gujarat the main language spoken here is Gujarati, while other languages spoken here are Hindi and English.
Ahmedabad is also known for its folk and classical music and folk arts and dance. The Garba, a beautiful folk dance of Gujarat state is mainly performed on the occasion of the Navratri festival. The festivals and fairs of Ahmedabad form an integral part of Ahmedabad culture. Festival celebrated there also offers insights of rich cultures and tradition of Ahmedabad people.

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