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                               Kavadi festival
        Kavadi festival is celebrated at all shrines of Lord Muruga during the months of April to May.
It is important festival in Palani,Tamil Nadu.In this festival devotees offer kavadis, milk pots, coconuts, cocks and goats to the lord.
Take a vow to offer a kavadi to idol for the purpose of tiding over or averting a great calamity.
Devotees of Lord Muruga dancing inside a divine trance towards the rhythm of beating drums carry this on their shoulders and climb the mountain while this Kavadi-bearer is experience the state of feeling complete union with the Lord.
The 'Kavadi' varies in shape and size and has a good many brass bells adorning it.
The Kavadi-bearer is required to observe various rules between the time he takes up the Kavadi and the day of the offering.Such as only takes pure food,abstains from all sorts of nonintoxicating drinks,etc.
For tourist there is well connected road to Palani from Madurai,Coimbatore
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