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Bhandardara - A Perfect Weekend Getaway

 India is blessed with various shades of nature and monsoon beauty covering the entire plateau is one  among them. Holidaying at these exotic locations is surely a lifetime experience which leaves you spellbound with its beauty.

Lush green carpet, overflowing river & sparkling waterfalls makes you fall in love with Incredible India.

If you are looking for a drenching monsoon and is a nature lover, "Bhandardara" is the perfect place this Monsoon, to enjoy pakodas and hot chai. Not to forget the amazing beauty of nature and wonderful trekking sites. Hiring a car to Bhandarada is a preferred option to reach this place. 

Located in the lap of Sahyadrai Mountain, Bhandardara is a hill station in Maharashtra. Connected to many mythological stories Pravara river is considered as a tributary of River Ganga.

This is a place which is loved not only by nature lovers for its crisscrossed trench but is also a major tourist attraction as dotted with major forts like Ratangarh & Harishchandragad Forts.. The most loved stopover for the people traveling to Nashik & Shirdi.
Though you can visit Bhandardara through out the year, but the best time to visit is Monsoon. It unleashes its real beauty in this season only. The rains are very heavy and continuous which is a treat for rain lovers.

Things to do: 

Trekking, sightseeing, camping, Boating, Rappling. 

Other Places to Visit in Bhandardara :

Wilson Dam :- 

PC: Dinesh Valk, flickr

 Built with excellent engineering ,Wilson Dam is the largest earthen dam in India. It is built on Pravara river in 1910. Usually during monsoon the gates of the dam are opened to release the excess water and becomes the major tourist attraction in and around area.Adjacent to it a garden full of trees and natural green carpet add more to the beauty of Wilson Dam.

Umbrella Falls :-

 Another place which comes to full life in Monsoon is Umbrella falls situated in Bhandardara. Umbrella falls are situated behind the Wilson Dam. 

Necklace Falls: - 

Water flow forming a natural Necklace like structure when falling down the rocks is Necklace Falls.It is active only in Monsoon.

Ghatghar Dam:

PC: Ankur | flickr

People looking for solicitation and peaceful ambience must visit Ghatghar Dam.No very renounced and difficult to locate on map, reaching Ghatghar dam might require local help.
With its picturesque scene in rainy season Ghatghar Dam is a total treat to nature lovers and has waterfalls all over.Since the dam is located near hilly region this is consider as ideal spot for trekking and camping. Less crowded therefore food and other shops are not available.

Kokan Kada: - 

PC: Ankur | Flickr

Natural fall located at 1700 Ft above the sea level Kokan kada has amazing view from the top. This view is complementary to trekking at Harishchandra Fort which is easy at the initial stage but quite challenging once reaching the top.
Covered by dense forest the possibility of encountering wild animal like cheetah is high.
A perfect escape into nature's lap during short holiday is Kokan Kada.

The cliff at Kokan Kada looks like a hood of a cobra which a natural structure beyond proudly displaying the nature 's architect. Must loved place for over night camping as one can enjoy the cool breeze and natural view beyond description.

Randha Falls: -

PC: Elroy Serrao | flickr

With a river bed of approx 140m broad ,this is one among the largest falls in India.Situated near Ranad region this falls receive water from Wilson Dam . Maintained by administration this is Much developed tourist spot compare to other spots . Safe walkways are constructed at some places over the river bed to provide a better view of the water fall.Parking and local eating facility is also available. 

Other Places - 

Arthur Lake , Ratanwadi Village, Agatsya Rishi Ashram etc.

How to reach Bhandaradara :

 Bhandardara is connected though all the major cities in Maharashtra.

Mumbai to Bhandardara -> It’s 3 hour 45 minutes (163.6 km) from Mumbai . Bhandardara does not have a train station, and the nearest station is Igatpuri, at a distance of 28 kms from Bhandardara.

Pune to Bhandardara- It’s 4 hour 45 minutes (172.6 km) from Pune . 

By Air – Nearest airports Mumbai , Pune , Nashik

By Train - Bhandardara does not have a railway station of its own so nearest railway is Igatpuri .Igatpuri is well connected to other major cities of the country via regular trains. Bhandardara is 35 kms away from Igatpuri.

By Road- Car Rental are easily available from Mumbai, Pune, Nashik and all the major cities for Bhandardara.

 So,pack your bags to add yet another fun filled travel chapter to your travel diaries. Log on to ClearCarRental to explore yet another adventurous location in India.

A quick trek guide to Korigad Fort

Plateau of Korigad
PC: flickr

 Stands at 929 meters high above the sea level in the Sahyadri mountain range, Korigad fort is one of the most preferred trekking destinations in Maharashtra for one day trek from Pune and Mumbai. Fort can be visited throughout the year. Even the trek to this korigad fort hill is also a great night trekking adventure and is comfortable to trek in the summer months. The fort is located around 24 KM from Lonavala, Maharashtra.

The trek to Korigad can be catogories in easy level trek. Everyone can enjoy the trek to this fort even if you are the beginner. It takes around 1 hour to reach the top of the fort.
There are two ways to reach the top of fort; one is from Peth Shahpur and second is from Ambavne village.  Starting trek from Peth Shahpur route is considered to be the easier one than second mentioned route. Enroute you can have a magnificent views of tiny waterfalls and lush greenery.

There is not enough information available about the history of this fort. This fort was incorporated into his Maratha kingdom by 'Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj' in 1657 and remain under their empire until 1818. Approximately the 2 km fort walls for fort circumference are still nearly intact.

What to see on the Korigad Fort 

PC: flickr

1] Goddess Koraidevi.

2] Some of the Cannons on the fort.

3] View of waterfalls falling along in the way to fort.

4] Two ancient rock cut cisterns on the fort which are also called as a tank. 

Best Time To Visit Korigad :

If you love to monsoon and to view nature at its best then the monsoon is the best time to visit Korigad fort. or else you can also visit the place during September to March.
If you are visiting the place in monsoon then be extra careful while trekking as the track route are slippery.

How to reach Korigad :

By road: You can reach to Aamby valley by bus but the frequency of them are quite low. If you are going by road to reach Korigad fort then you have to get down to Peth Shahapur village. You can rent a self or chauffeur driven cab from Pune, Mumbai, or Lonavala to reach the base village.

By air: Pune airport is the nearest airport to Korigad fort. Before reaching to the airport you can hire a cab for Korigad.

By rail: Nearest railway station to Korigad is Lonavala. Lonavala is well connected to Pune and Mumbai.

Tourists Places near Delhi to Explore on Weekends

 Many of us who cannot take a long period off work, always seek some great places for shorter breaks near them that can turn their regular weekend into mini-vacation. There are always several weekend getaways from your city but you did't know about it. Here we have given some famous and popular places near Delhi where you can go for a short weekend break with family or friends.  
Either you can book your tour through any of the trusted tour operators or else just book a chauffeur driven cab from your destination and go you own.

1] Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary :

Image courtesy: 

Established in 1986 and spread over 4707 acres 'Asola-Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary' is an ideal place for wildlife lovers and all travelers. It is located 48 km away from the Delhi. Sanctuary is home to the wide range of birds and reptile along with amphibians and mammals.

Visiting time of the sanctuary is 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM.

2] Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

Image courtesy: 

A famous national park of the country is located at Sultanpur village on Gurugram-Jhajhar highway away 41 km from Delhi. 
If you love birdwatching then going to Sultanpur bird sanctuary will be your ideal choice. Park is famous for migratory and resident birds species whrer you can found approximately 250 bird species.

3] Vrindavan 

Image courtesy: wikipedia 

One of the oldest city and most significant pilgrimage site in India and amoung Hindu religion because of its glorious ancient history associated with Lord Krishna. It is believed that Lord Krishna spent his childhood here.

You can visit here Banke Bihari mandir, Prem mandir, ISKON temple, Radha Raman temple, Shahji temple and many more..

Delhi to Vrindavan distance is 183 km and will take around 3 and half hour time to travel by road.

4] The Keoladeo National Park 

Image courtesy: wikimedia 

Another perfect place for bird watcher. If you are in Delhi then it is 223 km away from you. The Keoladeo National Park is a world heritage site which is formerly known as 'Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary' in Rajasthan. It is famous avifauna [the birds of a particular region, habitat, or geological period.] sanctuary that hosts thousands of birds and one of the best birding spots in India.

Visiting time : 6.00 AM to 6 PM in summers and 6.30 AM to 5 PM in winter season.

5] Agra

The home of one of the 7  wonder of the world - 'Taj Mahal'. Apart from the Taj Mahal there are also more to see and visit such as Agra fort, Mehtab Bagh Gardens,  shopping market of Sadar Bazar.

Agra is 233.2 km away from Delhi and can be reached by train, air and road trip by a cab

6] Jim Corbett

image curtsy: wikimedia 

 India’s oldest and most reputable national park is a treat for photographers, wildlife lovers and for those who want to enjoy an exciting safari and catch a good look of the king of jungle. Delhi to Corbett road distance is approximately 245 km and 6 hours of drive.

Write in the comment and let us and our traveler friends know about the other places where you had visited instead of these!

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