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 India is blessed with various shades of nature and monsoon beauty covering the entire plateau is one  among them. Holidaying at these exotic locations is surely a lifetime experience which leaves you spellbound with its beauty.

Lush green carpet, overflowing river & sparkling waterfalls makes you fall in love with Incredible India.

If you are looking for a drenching monsoon and is a nature lover, "Bhandardara" is the perfect place this Monsoon, to enjoy pakodas and hot chai. Not to forget the amazing beauty of nature and wonderful trekking sites. Hiring a car to Bhandarada is a preferred option to reach this place. 

Located in the lap of Sahyadrai Mountain, Bhandardara is a hill station in Maharashtra. Connected to many mythological stories Pravara river is considered as a tributary of River Ganga.

This is a place which is loved not only by nature lovers for its crisscrossed trench but is also a major tourist attraction as dotted with major forts like Ratangarh & Harishchandragad Forts.. The most loved stopover for the people traveling to Nashik & Shirdi.
Though you can visit Bhandardara through out the year, but the best time to visit is Monsoon. It unleashes its real beauty in this season only. The rains are very heavy and continuous which is a treat for rain lovers.

Things to do: 

Trekking, sightseeing, camping, Boating, Rappling. 

Other Places to Visit in Bhandardara :

Wilson Dam :- 

PC: Dinesh Valk, flickr

 Built with excellent engineering ,Wilson Dam is the largest earthen dam in India. It is built on Pravara river in 1910. Usually during monsoon the gates of the dam are opened to release the excess water and becomes the major tourist attraction in and around area.Adjacent to it a garden full of trees and natural green carpet add more to the beauty of Wilson Dam.

Umbrella Falls :-

 Another place which comes to full life in Monsoon is Umbrella falls situated in Bhandardara. Umbrella falls are situated behind the Wilson Dam. 

Necklace Falls: - 

Water flow forming a natural Necklace like structure when falling down the rocks is Necklace Falls.It is active only in Monsoon.

Ghatghar Dam:

PC: Ankur | flickr

People looking for solicitation and peaceful ambience must visit Ghatghar Dam.No very renounced and difficult to locate on map, reaching Ghatghar dam might require local help.
With its picturesque scene in rainy season Ghatghar Dam is a total treat to nature lovers and has waterfalls all over.Since the dam is located near hilly region this is consider as ideal spot for trekking and camping. Less crowded therefore food and other shops are not available.

Kokan Kada: - 

PC: Ankur | Flickr

Natural fall located at 1700 Ft above the sea level Kokan kada has amazing view from the top. This view is complementary to trekking at Harishchandra Fort which is easy at the initial stage but quite challenging once reaching the top.
Covered by dense forest the possibility of encountering wild animal like cheetah is high.
A perfect escape into nature's lap during short holiday is Kokan Kada.

The cliff at Kokan Kada looks like a hood of a cobra which a natural structure beyond proudly displaying the nature 's architect. Must loved place for over night camping as one can enjoy the cool breeze and natural view beyond description.

Randha Falls: -

PC: Elroy Serrao | flickr

With a river bed of approx 140m broad ,this is one among the largest falls in India.Situated near Ranad region this falls receive water from Wilson Dam . Maintained by administration this is Much developed tourist spot compare to other spots . Safe walkways are constructed at some places over the river bed to provide a better view of the water fall.Parking and local eating facility is also available. 

Other Places - 

Arthur Lake , Ratanwadi Village, Agatsya Rishi Ashram etc.

How to reach Bhandaradara :

 Bhandardara is connected though all the major cities in Maharashtra.

Mumbai to Bhandardara -> It’s 3 hour 45 minutes (163.6 km) from Mumbai . Bhandardara does not have a train station, and the nearest station is Igatpuri, at a distance of 28 kms from Bhandardara.

Pune to Bhandardara- It’s 4 hour 45 minutes (172.6 km) from Pune . 

By Air – Nearest airports Mumbai , Pune , Nashik

By Train - Bhandardara does not have a railway station of its own so nearest railway is Igatpuri .Igatpuri is well connected to other major cities of the country via regular trains. Bhandardara is 35 kms away from Igatpuri.

By Road- Car Rental are easily available from Mumbai, Pune, Nashik and all the major cities for Bhandardara.

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