Posted by : Sandeep April 16, 2013

  As the name suggests the Konkan fruit festival is all about the fruits of Konkan region of India.  The festival is organized every year in Panjim, Goa. The festival is exhibition -cum sale of the fruits of Konkan region. This three day summer festival is organized by Botanical society of Goa in association with City Corporation of Panjim. Fruit eating and fruit carving contest and other completions of homemade fruit items like jams, wines, squashes etc are fun activities of the festival.
  Konkan fruit festival witnesses the wide response from thousands people who are seen visiting the festival and enjoying the event. You can also see at the festival wide variety plants and seedling and edible items made of fruits being sold on large scale. Many stalls set up for the occasion are seen displaying wide variety different fruits of Konkan region. You can have the choice of buying these delicious fruits as they are also available for sell. Though the festival is all about Konkan fruits, it also offers the visitors other entertaining activities like music and dance programs and fancy dress competition thus attracting more and more tourists  to witness the amazing event

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