Posted by : Sandeep October 23, 2012

Navratri, the festival of nine nights, is celebrated in all parts of India every year. The festival comes in Ashvin (Sept-Oct) month of Hindu calendar.  The festival sees the worshipping the goddess Durga and her nine Shakti forms during the nine day of the festival. Navratri literally means nine nights in Sanskrit. The festival is celebrated to mark the mythological incidence in which the goddess Durga kills the demon Mhaisasura.
Festival of Navratri reminds you of Gujarat which gives the festival a charming look. The festival also brings before you the views of people in Garba playing Dandiyas and dancing to the tunes of Navratri songs. This charming celebration of the festival in Gujarat has also lured people of Maharashtra, Goa and other states to begin to celebrate the Navratri festival that way.
Navratri is celebrated with utmost devotion to the goddess Durga. During the nine days, especially  between evening and pre mid night time, people are seen worshipping the goddess. Idols of goddess Durga are installed in pandals where people gather in the evening, performs the puja (worship) of the goddess. And as soon as the puja is done young boys and girls are seen playing Dandiyas to the tune of special Navratri songs. Bollywood songs are also played for Dandiys in some Pandals.
The festival also marks end of spring and beginning of autumn in India. After the nine days celebration of Navratri, Dussera, which is itself a major festival, is celebrated throughout the country.

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