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Located in Indian state of the Tamil Nadu, Anamalai is known for its abundant wildlife. It is a small village situated in the district of Coimbatore. The village of Anamalai exists near the wildlife area where different kinds of animals like panthers, crocodiles, tigers, elephants, spotted dear and wild boars are found in great number. The village also has many beautiful landscapes views around it.
Though Tamil is native language of the region, Malayalam and English are also widely spoken. Temperature there varies from 35 to 40 c in summer and from 22 to 33 c in winter. The best time to visit Anamalai is from June to March.
Anamalai is major tourist spot with many places of interest around it.
Parambikulam wild life sanctuary :
Parambikulam wild life sanctuary is major tourist spot in Anamalai and it offers tourists Jungle safaris. The sanctuary is situated near another Anaimalai wild life sanctuary. Parambikkulm Sanctuary is mainly known for Parambikkulam Dam that is located there. Surrounded by amazing green forest Thoonakkadavu Lake is beautiful place to explore. The lake is formed by Parambikkulam Dam and it offers tourists wonderful experience of Lake Cruise. Great care should be taken while exploring the lake as many crocodiles live near the water’s edge. Mt. Stuart Block near Aanaimalai is home to ancient forest department bungalow. The place houses the grave of Hugo wood. Hugo wood was a British officer whose work was especially dedicated to conserving this forest.
Anamalai Sanctuary :
Anamalai Sanctuary, named as Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary, is home to many exotic animals and birds and it offers its tourist very interesting place to explore. Animals that are found there in large number include panthers, tigers, elephants, spotted deer and wild boars. Rocket-tailed drongo, spotted dove, tree pai and red whiskered bulbul are some of the birds found there.

Kolikamuthi Elephant Camp :
Kolikamuthi Elephant Camp is another interesting place to visit. The camp is famous for housing trained elephants. About 50 Malisar tribe families live there. These people are very skilled to handle the Asian elephants. Known for its scenic nature.

Anamalai Hills :
Anamalai Hills is also ideal place for trekking. The hill offers its tourist wide variety of trekking routes from simple to difficult trek. So if you are novice this place is the right place for trekking. Top Slip and Varagaliar Elephant Camp are some of the other places worth visiting in Anamalai.

How to reach: 
Road connects Anamalai to other major cities and town of the state. Many state run buses connects it to Chennai and Coimbatore and many other cities of the state. Nearest airport is situated in Coimbatore which is 96 km away from Anaimalai. The air port is connected by domestic flight to Chennai and other major cities of India. Nearest railway station is also situated in Coimbatore which is connected to other major railway heads of the state.
Other details: Pongal is a major festival celebrated in Anamalai with great enthusiasm. The festival comes in the month of January.

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