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Adoni is a popular commercial town located in the western part of Andhra Pradesh state. The town comes in Kurnool district and lies near the border of Karnataka state. Abundant in textile industries, the town of Adoni is the largest producer of cotton in the region and   therefore it is sometimes called as cotton town of southern India. It also played a significant role as a major commercial center during British rule in India. It was referred as second Mumbai during the colonial rule for the town of Adoni served as major industrial hub containing almost all business activities. Presently Adoni is popular industrial town housing several textile industries and is also famous for its tourist places situated there.

Fort of Adoni :-
Commercial town of Adoni also offers the visitors numerous places of interest and worship. Among them the fort of Adoni and Shri Mahayogi Lakshaman Avva temple are prominent ones. Situated on a granite hill located there, Adoni fort is the prime attraction of the town. Though the fort is in ruin state, it is visited by many tourists round the year. The fort was built approximately 300 years ago and is popular tourist destination in Adoni.
Shri Mahayogi Lakshmamma Avva temple:-
Shri Mahayogi Lakshaman Avva temple is famous for its beautiful structure and marble works. The temple is dedicated to Mahayogi Lakshaman also known as Avva. The floor of the temple is completely made of marble enhancing the beauty of the temple. The temple is visited by devotees and tourist as well. The town of Adoni also presents the visitors many other places worth visiting.
Ranamandala Konda:-
Ranamandala Konda is one of them. It is famous for the temple of Hanuman and Ramajal Lake situated there. The place has beautiful natural surroundings and is an ideal place for bird watchers.
Kaman Bavi, Jumma Masjid, Venkanna Bavi etc are some of other important places you can visit on your tour to Adoni. These places are known for their historical and religious importance and visited by many tourists.
How to reach:-
Road and rail connect Adoni to the rest parts of the state. Adoni is about 300 km away from Hyderabad and is well connected by several state run buses. State run buses and other private vehicles also connect Adoni to Kurnool, Bengaluru, Vijayawada, Ananthpur many other towns and cities of the state. Railway station of Adoni connects the town  to Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Kanyakumari, Gulbarga, Tirupati, Ahmadabad etc. Rajiv Gandhi International Airport at Hyderabad serves as the nearest airport to Adoni. The airport is well linked to Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata and many other cities of Indian and other countries.

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