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Famous for its religious significance, Gorakhpur is a city in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. It is located near the border of Nepal and is known for being pilgrimage site for several religions like Hindu, Buddhism, Jain, Sikh, Islam, etc. The place is considered to be a confluence of all religious beliefs. Gorakhpur is home to several places of attraction and religious importance.
Goraknath Temple :
Goraknath Temple is a prime place of worship in Gorakhpur. The temple gets its name from a Mahayogi saint Goraknath who is believed to have mediated at the temple site during the Treta Yug. Garbh Griha is the main feature of the temple. One can see a beautiful portrait of Saint Goraknath displayed in Garbh Griha in the temple. Charan Paduka and Mansarovar are other features of the temple. The temple is also known for hosting an annual fair called Khichari Mela in the month of January.

It is a place of pilgrimage in Uttar Pradesh for the devotees.

Arogya Mandir :
Arogya Mandir is much frequented place in Gorakhpur. It is a therapeutic temple known for mind and body therapies. About 20 camps with 20 participants in each are held every day.  Take some time out to visit Geeta Watika located on Gorakhpur- Pipraich road. The place is famous for the temple of Radha and Krishna. Prayers for Radha, a divine love of Lord Krishna are held continuously at the temple

Ramgarh Tal :
Ramgarh Tal is another interesting place to visit in Gorakhpur. Spread over an area of about 723 hectares, Ramgarh Tal is major water reservoir in the region. Its embankment is about 18 km in length. Boating facility provided at the place make it a perfect picnic spot for the people of Gorakhpur.

Veer Bahadur Singh Planetarium :
Famous tourist destination in Uttar Pradesh state.This planetarium is based on Digital Technology and six equipments of CRT, Evans and Sutherland are installed here.

Gita Press :
The Gita Press is one of largest publishers of Hindu religious texts in the world, situated in Gorakhpur.It archives contain over 3,500 manuscripts including over 100 interpretations of the Gita and
has published 71.9 million copies of the Gita (in different editions) and 70.0 million copies of the Ramcharitamanas.

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