Posted by : Sandeep May 14, 2012

Guntur, the fourth largest city of the state of Andhra Pradesh, is known for its diverse culture. Festival is one of the vital parts of the culture and therefore the city of Guntur celebrates multi religious and multi-cultural festivals with equal zest. Along with the major festivals like Deepawali, Dussera, Holi etc Guntur also celebrates Id-ul-fitr and Christmas with great enthusiasm.  Apart from these important festivals Guntur also hosts some of its regional fairs and festivals with much pomp and show.

Mulathaneswaraswami Kalyanothsavam is five-day festival celebrated in the month of March-April at the temple of Tadikonda situated near Guntur. The festival is a prominent religious event and on the occasion of the festival devotees offers the coconut, flowers, fruits and betel leaves to the deity of the temple. Sri Narsimhaswami Kalyanothsavam is another major festival celebrated for 16 days in the month of March-April at Lakshami Narasimhaswami temple in Guntur. Hazart Sayed Bajit Shahi Aulia Urs is Muslim fair held every year in the month of Ramzan at Pedakani near Ramzan. The fair is visited by many Muslim devotees from far and wide. Sri Ramlingeswaraswami Lakshabilvarchana and Sri Ramakoti Mahothsvam are other major fairs and festivals celebrated full zest in Guntur.

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