Posted by : Sandeep February 6, 2012

Kalidas Festival Ramtek
Ramtek hill is a place near Nagpur (about 30 Kms) where Lord Rama stayed during his exile. Devils used to trouble saints conducting their devotional offerings there. Lord Rama then made a vow to eliminate such devils, hence the name Ramtek where Tek means Vow. Kalidas composer of historical drama Shakuntala and the epic poem Meghdoot is supposed have written Meghdoot on these hills, hence the Kalidas festival is arranged by Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation to celebrate the rich culture of the place. An old temple of lord Rama stands here where worship has been done science ages. A Kalidas memorial has been built by the Maharashtra government tourism department. It is at these backdrops that the Kalidas festival is celebrated ever year. Some finest music and Dance performances are held in the Kalidas festival which is spread over two days and nights the festival brings to life old golden era of Vidharba region.  

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