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Five Fun Family Activities During the Travel

When we travel with our family it has its own perks. We Indians have the strong emotional and moral support from our families and family values are passed from generation to generations. We may whine about restrictions at some point, we may sulk about the unavoidable functions that we have to attend no matter how important our plans with friends must be at the end of the day it is our family because of which we can strong and move on confidently with our lives, come what may challenges appear or the crisis situations we have a family to stand by us and we can sleep peacefully in the night.
So when it comes to travel with a family many advantages are hidden here. Bonding develops more than before, we get to know the different new places in a secured atmosphere of family and so and so.
So how can we make our family trips more interesting??
Let it be a short trip somewhere or a long tour with relatives tagging along with you some games and activities together will always encourage the spirit of travelling.
  • Old school games

Old school games like dog in the bone sort of games that we played during our school time can be played bringing back the childhood memories to cherish and going back to your childhood era.
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  • License plate id

This is fun game which we can play while sitting in the car while moving along the road. It is a game to be played as in participants should guess the state and district code of the car passing by , those who guessed wrong is out of the game and the game is continued till the last participant survives.
  • Uno

It is one of the famous card game enjoyed among all the age group. Each card has a different no. and colors and some cards have the special benefits. That who can’t finish all the cards till the end of the game is lost.
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  • I spy

I spy is a game where one is supposed to give the hints of a thing or the place which we are passing by along with the hints those who will guess the answer right with minimum clues wins the game.
  • Dumsharaz

A famous Indian game played very often and enjoyed to the core. People are divided into teams and a name of the movie is given to any one of the participant from the either of the team and he is supposed to do give his team clues while acting according to the name of the movie is given.
There are lots of cards games involved here which we can play and enjoy with our family then housie also. If we are going on an outdoor location and spending quiet a good time there we can do kite flying too and badminton as well as antakshri of songs or names or cities.
A travel with family can be made more memorable by doing some fun activities together rather than being lost in tabs or smart phones which have already ruined our family time in daily life. One can think of many games on his own to enhance this family trip spirit by introducing games on his own. 

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Backpacking Tips

The term backpacking is being popular with us, Indians since some years. The term backpacking means independent traveling with minimum cost, staying with basic comforts and priorities are set in this trip totally what you need to do in this trip.
In backpacking one is interested in whole journey itself rather than just hitting the destinations from tourist point of view. The journey may be the simple camping trip in a forest area for two-three days or it may be the long tour consisting of hotel bookings and roaming in public transport. I am saying here public transport because it needs low cost and safe too.
Backpacking includes a heavy bag which can be carried on the back which includes many utility things that we need in the trip. In backpacking trips it is advisable to carry your own things as well as the safety majors but also we shouldn't overdo it by carrying extra loads.
This backpacking trip can teach you a lot of things. We can get connected with nature more here and we can relax and free our mind from stress that has become inevitable part of our lives.
It can teach you to be confident when you travel like this and can make you realize the worth of spending and giving the time to own self.
There are backpacker groups also which can guide us with directions and hotel or lodge bookings and their experience can definitely is more useful to us.
These days backpacking trips have become easier than before because of the increased resources and the help groups which have formed to help each other through sharing their experiences and guiding us. GPS, Smartphone, steatite phones (in case of emergency) have eased up the situations.
If we are going for a long duration backpacking trip we should book our lodge or hotel bookings in advance which will be less time consuming and if we are booking a quiet earlier we can grab some additional discount. And it is all time fail proof thing to book our shelter in advance so that in crisis situations we have our planned place to stay back, it will save the stress factor here.
These trips are mostly concerned with where there is adventure involved as in trekking trip or a rafting and camping combination weekend surf. Adventure is the spirit of these backpacking trips.
Easy, low cost, adventurous, exciting these trips may sound but we need a proper planning of such a trips. If it is well planned and executed accordingly without falling for distractions coming along the way backpack trips can be the most memorable trips of your life.
Here is the list of some important things that we get to include in our bags while on backpacking trips.
  • Survival kit
It is the best product any backpacker can buy which has everything that we need in an emergency situation to survive. It includes compass, sugar pouches, tea bags, soup packets, whistles, fire starter etc.
Now these following things are optional if you are going for camping or trekking where you prefer to stay on your own
  • Sleeping bags
  • Yoga mat
  • 2 tents
  • Small gas cylinder
Essential list is as follows
  • Multi-utility Swiss knife
  • Bottle
  • Matchbox
  • Lighter
  • Torch
  • Blankets
  • Plastic cups
  • Local maps
  • Jackets
  • Mountain boots (if we are going on a hilly area)
These small stuff look like are not important among the list but if we forget to carry them we get to know the worth of it
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Pepper spray
  • Mouthwash
  • First aid kit
  • Soap strips
  • Mosquito repellant
  • Snow glares/ sunglasses
  • Umbrella

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One should always do their research about the places we are planning to go to for backpacking trips and take help of the experienced ones if they have been to the same place before.
So pack your bags, plan your trip cleverly and neatly, take safety majors into consideration and Get Set Go for backpack trip these holidays.
Make the difference, try something new.

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When You Travel with the Baby

 The most joyous moment in young couple’s life is the arrival of a baby. Lots and lots of preparations and arrangements are done for that phase. Routines are changed, priorities are changed and somehow your the sense of responsibilities is increased by cent percent, one got to be a parent to understand when it comes to being protective about your baby.
Parenthood is the challenging and tiring at a times. When we get tired from office work, we have weekends to chill, after fulfilling your career years there is retirement era where we are freed from busy schedules and workloads till then sufficient amount is earned, spent, invested and utilized but parenthood is something which you cannot turn your back to or plan retirement for that job. The compromises, happiness, teaching and learning complete the whole equation of the marriage.
It is assumed and right to some extent, that traveling when you have a baby is tedious job. It is heck of circus platform where you have to enjoy the journey, wish to see the places where you have gone at the same time maintaining your baby’s naps, mealtimes, hygiene and so and so. Well in our India, one cannot be happily traveling in a public transport with the baby because of the overcrowded scenes, uncomfortable for baby hence inconvenient to parents since baby will be crying and crying and cribbing and so they have to face annoyed, angry looks by co passengers. Hygiene issues are obviously there too!
So what can be done to make the journey with the baby comfortable and enjoyable? First of all lets vote for the need to travel even though you are having a baby.. I mean is it really worth it to think a lot and cancel the travel plans since you have had a baby? After some years it’s a kid’s preprimary school which cannot be missed and that’s why we can’t go traveling, then school and classes routine which shouldn’t be missed to sustain in the rat race of success.. The reasons and problems will always show up when you get out of your comfort zone. The point is are you ready to take a step forward and make a difference against the mainstream? Yeah, I guess so, that we can.
Where there is will there is way, and so if we plan perfectly our journey with the entire considered possibilities journey with a baby can be the most memorable trip of your life.

Rent a Car:

As we said the problem with the public transport like buses or trains for short distances is a questionable option, better go with the hire cars. You can travel at the speed you desire, no disturbance when the baby is sleeping, you can stop the cab whenever you want and of course you can take car seat for the baby. It’s a chair which is portable you don’t have to hold all the time; once the chair is fixed in the car you can enjoy your ride happily. You don’t need to hold the baby all the time. 

When You Travel with the Baby

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Carry on with Rash Cream :

One of the other things that you got to take care of is rash creams. Temperature and humidity conditions at different places plus the travelling may cause some rashes so as a precaution we must carry some rash creams with the consult of your pediatrician.

Bring plastic bag set of Diapers:

Diapers, wipes and the plastic bags one shouldn’t forget. It’s better to carry own plastic bags because the time will be saved of buying them at each required places.
Blankets. No mother would forget her baby’s favorite blanket in traveling. But let it be a short trip or a long one spare blankets should be packed too in baby’s bags as a spare, and for baby’s hygiene.

Feeding Utensils and Accessories:

 Baby’s bowls and utensils like spoon, bottles are important too, and which nobody can forget while traveling with a baby.

Toys/ Music videos :

 At the same time, one should definitely pack your baby’s favorite toys, you never know when and why baby can get cranky and the feel of her favorite toys may give her homely impact and calm. Even if baby doesn’t get cranky, we must carry 2-3 small toys; don’t we need our favorite book to read while traveling or favorite songs in mp3 player? Then let’s be fair with babies too!
It is definitely not that impossible or hard to travel with the baby. Book all of your traveling modes as in airplane tickets or booking of the cab which nowadays can be done online also. And they offer a great variety in the packages, your hotel rooms and you can give the idea to the hotels too that you will be travelling with the baby.
So don’t waste your time in thinking how can I travel now I have a baby or let’s wait till baby gets older a bit… because that waiting list of years will just go on and time won’t stop for us.
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