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When we travel with our family it has its own perks. We Indians have the strong emotional and moral support from our families and family values are passed from generation to generations. We may whine about restrictions at some point, we may sulk about the unavoidable functions that we have to attend no matter how important our plans with friends must be at the end of the day it is our family because of which we can strong and move on confidently with our lives, come what may challenges appear or the crisis situations we have a family to stand by us and we can sleep peacefully in the night.
So when it comes to travel with a family many advantages are hidden here. Bonding develops more than before, we get to know the different new places in a secured atmosphere of family and so and so.
So how can we make our family trips more interesting??
Let it be a short trip somewhere or a long tour with relatives tagging along with you some games and activities together will always encourage the spirit of travelling.
  • Old school games

Old school games like dog in the bone sort of games that we played during our school time can be played bringing back the childhood memories to cherish and going back to your childhood era.
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  • License plate id

This is fun game which we can play while sitting in the car while moving along the road. It is a game to be played as in participants should guess the state and district code of the car passing by , those who guessed wrong is out of the game and the game is continued till the last participant survives.
  • Uno

It is one of the famous card game enjoyed among all the age group. Each card has a different no. and colors and some cards have the special benefits. That who can’t finish all the cards till the end of the game is lost.
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  • I spy

I spy is a game where one is supposed to give the hints of a thing or the place which we are passing by along with the hints those who will guess the answer right with minimum clues wins the game.
  • Dumsharaz

A famous Indian game played very often and enjoyed to the core. People are divided into teams and a name of the movie is given to any one of the participant from the either of the team and he is supposed to do give his team clues while acting according to the name of the movie is given.
There are lots of cards games involved here which we can play and enjoy with our family then housie also. If we are going on an outdoor location and spending quiet a good time there we can do kite flying too and badminton as well as antakshri of songs or names or cities.
A travel with family can be made more memorable by doing some fun activities together rather than being lost in tabs or smart phones which have already ruined our family time in daily life. One can think of many games on his own to enhance this family trip spirit by introducing games on his own. 

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