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5 Famous Ganpati Idols to Visit in Pune During Ganesh Festival

  Ganesha Chaturthi also known as 'Vinayak Chaturthi' is the important Hindu Festival celebrated in honour of Lord Ganesha. The celebration has a long history and roots since the days of Maratha rulers. Indian freedom fighter and social reformer Lokmanya Tilak initiated this festival as a public festival in 1894 with a view to uniting citizens and strengthen the patriotic fervour in Indians.
While it is celebrated all over India, Pune is said to have it's own traditions to celebrating this festival with great pomp and gaiety where the festival actually started.

 The city has the five Manache (Respective) Ganesh idols where you have must visit during Ganesh Utsav.

1. Kasba Ganapti : 

        Kasba Ganpati  
         ( image credit: flickr)
image credit:
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Located in the heart of city at Kasaba Peth, it is also known as Gram Devta of Pune and the temple was built by 'Shivaji Maharaj' and 'Jijabai Bhosale'.

2. Tambdi Jogeshwari :

  Tambdi Jogeshwari
( image credit: google)

It is supposed to be a oldest temple in Pune, established in 1893. It stands second privileged Ganpati idol of Pune after Kasba Ganpati Mandal.

3. Guruji Talim :

Guruji Talim
               (image credit:

It is the third respective Ganapti idol in pune Located at Laxmi Road. the Guruji Talim Ganpati mandal was started by two Hindu and two Muslim families in 1887 even before Lokmanya Tilak started this Sarvajanik Ganesh utsav and hence it's considered as a symbol of Hindu Muslim unity.

4. Tulsibaug :

         Tulsibaug Ganesh Idol
     (image credit:

 It is fourth respective Ganpati idol in Pune Located at Tulshibaug. which was established in 1901. This mandal is amongst the first who Glass establishing Fiber statue since 1975.

5. Kesariwada Ganesh Mandal :

Kesariwada Ganesh
   (image credit:

 Lokmanya Tilak established this idol in year 1893 in Narayan Peth, Pune. It is revered of known as fifth respective Ganapati idol in Pune. Lokmanya Tilak started this festival with the motive of to enhance the sense of belongingness as well as togetherness among the citizens and still the mandol takes large cultural and educational events and concentrates more on social work.

Along with these you can also visit Shrimant Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati idol the richest Ganesh Mandal in the city which was established in the year 1893.
   Shrimant Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati idol
(Image Credit:

How to reach Pune :-

Pune is well connected by air, rail and road to other major cities in India.

    Nearest Airport :- 

     Lohegaon airport where you can get a transfer taxi to reach the city.

    Nearest Railway station :-  

    Pune junction is an important station of Central Railway Zone. 

    Bus Stand:- 

    Shivajinagar and Swargate bus stand. The city is easily accessible by state transport buses or rental cars from major cities such include Ahmadnagar, Aurangabad and Mumbai.

     If you are planning to visit to Pune to experience immense fun then we suggest that there’s best way to rent a car for the utmost convenience and safety travel to Ganesh festival.

    Navratri, The Celebration Of Shakti

    image credit:

    The ganesh festival is just over and we all were waiting for navratri since then which is one of the important festival in India. It is one of the biggest festival celebrated in India. Navratri, the literal meaning is nine nights. Its a word derived from Sanskrit. These nine days and nights are celebrated by worshipping the manifestations of Goddess Durga. She is the divine power symbolizing the shakti. 

    The navratri is celebrated in October but the exact dates are confirmed every year by lunar calender. Navratri has various stories behind its celebration. Once upon a time Asuras, the demos rose above the Suras, gods. They achieved more powers than gods and defeated them under the leadership of Devil Mashishasur who was a powerful Asur and created a chaos in the world. All gods were scared for the welfare of the world hence the ultimate powerful goddess, Maa Durga was born to defeat him. Their battle went on for the nine days and on the last day, 10th day Mahishasur was defeated and killed by her so the name is navaratri because battle went on for nine days. This is also called as a "Durgotsav". 

    Navratri has bigger celebration in Maharashtra, Gujrat and Karnatka. Garba of Gujrat, Durga puja in West bengal, 'Ravan-dahan' in Karnatka, Ramlila in Notth India are the best picks of Navratri. 

    It is believed that Maa Durga stays with us in these nine days blessing us happiness and prosperity. The forms of Durga are Shailiputri, Bramhacharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skandamata, Katyayani, Kalratri, Mahagauri, Siddhidatri. These forms are also known as Navadurga.

    According to different regions these nine forms are known as with different names. The various incarnations of Maa durga celebrated in this nine days are Durga, Bhadrakali, Amba, Annapurna devi, Bhairavi, Chandika/Chandi, Lalita, Bhavani, Mookambika. Every day has its own celebration in Navratri. In first three days, Maa kaali which is also known as Kaali destroy the evil in our homes and souls. In second three days goddess Laxmi gives us the spiritual health. Laxmii is the goddess of Wealth. In last three days the goddess Sarswati who is the goddess of wisdom is worshipped. We all seek for these three aspects.

    Ghatasthapna is done on the very first day. A pot is installed in home and grains are sowed. A diya is lit throughout the nine days undisturbed. The pot is a symbol of universe and diya represents the shakti, the pure and divine power.
    The last day, 10th day is known as Dusshera or Vijayadashmi which has its own mythological importance and beliefs. More about it in our next post. 
    These nine days the atmosphere in home is very zealous. Garba dance is performed which has turned into big time events these days. Specially girls start preparing for their costumes weeks before navratri. 

    Navratri is the festival of Goddess Durga, we worship the divine power personified by feminine form. It gives us the message that the true, unimaginable and abundant form of shakti lies in the feminine form of god. If she can love and care for you unconditionally, work for you all the time and seem mild then she also has the tremendous spellbinding shakti to destroy you. If she can rise and create you she also has the supreme power to finish you fiercely. And while I am writing this I remember a role of mother in our lives. We worship the goddess these nine days wholeheartedly but we actually have been living with this one form of goddess since the day we are born. She brings us to the world, protects from all the possible evil things and loves us no matter what, she is our Mother, our goddess. 

    Every home has a living goddess in it working for them, loving them, nurturing them silently without expecting. Do we worship them? Do we recognize their sacrifice? Do we say thank you? Do we say "we can live and win" because of you? 

    Lets make a difference this year, lets remember the first living goddess we come across in our life, lets be thankful for them and worship them by giving respect they deserve and love that they dont even demand for. "Shatakoti Pranam" to these goddesses in our homes, thank you for being our Shakti.

    Happy Navratri to all! 

    Shri Krishna Janmashtami most popular place to experience the festival

     Birla Mandir, Delhi  (credit: Sushil Kumar Verma)

     The whole nation geared up the great devotion and enthusiasm for celebrating the Janmashtami, the birthday of Lord Krishna. The festival also known as Gokulashtami and devotees from around the nation celebrates it with much pomp and grandeur. Thousands of people visit the temple on this day to have the darshan of their worshipable Lord Shri Krishna. There also Dahi Handi or Gopal Kala a  popular ceremony celebrated on the second day of Janmashtami.

    Here are few most popular and special places where large number of devotees throng during Janmashtami because these are the places where Shri Krishna had spent his life.

    Mathura :

                 Lord Shri Krishna Temple (credit: 

     Mathura is a birthplace of Lord Krishna and it's a stronghold for Janmashtami celebration. It's a district place situated on the banks of river 'Yamuna' in north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. 

    How to reach:- 

    By air: 
    Kheria Airport is the nearest airport to Mathura which is approxmitly 46 km away from Mathura. Taxi or cab are available from the airport to reach Mathura. 

    By road:

     Mathura is well connected to the major cities (Agra, Lucknow, Delhi and Kanpur) by bus and private vehicle. 

    By train:

    Mathura is very well-connected to the country through Western and central rails.


    Prem Mandir (credit:

     This holy place is situated in Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh state. According to mythology it is the place where Lord Krishna spent his childhood days.

     How to reach:

    By air:

    Nearest aiport to Vrindavan is Kheria airport and it is about 72 km away from the city.

    By train: 

    Vrindavan has a small railway station but well connected to Mathura railway station.

    By road:

     Vrindavan is good connected to Delhi and Mathura by bus as there are frequent buses and taxis are available from there.

    Dwarka :

        Dwarakadheesh Temple (credit:
     Dwarka is considered as one of the seven most ancient cities in India. It is located in Jamnagar district in Gujarat state. Most famous Lord Krishna's Dwarkadhish temple is located at the heart of this city.

    How to reach

    By air : 

    There is no airport in the town but the Jamnager and Porbandar is the nearest airport for it.

    By train: 
    Dwarka is well and one of the popular railway station on the western railway line and has good connectivity with many of major cities of the country.

    By road:

    Visitor can easily reach to Dwarka by road as it has good road connectivity with the other tourist destination.

    Apart from that Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi are also popular places for Krishna Janmashtami celebration.
     Every year numbers of devotees and tourists come to witness this celebration if you too want to visit then do make your plan properly and book really a quick and easy car rental services for your visit to these places.

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