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Manipur, being the home for a tradition of antiquity called Sanamahism and an oldest ethnic community called Metei, is known as the ‘Switzerland of East”. Imphal is the capital city.
Manipur is the land of unique Metei culture representing unique dance style and sports traditions. The region is known for elegant dance styles, music tradition, martial arts and sculpture. The Rasalila dance with delicate and graceful movements is known to be inherited by Gandharvas. Pung Cholom, a group dance performed by playing a percussion instrument called Pung, is a dance form performed by male dancers. 
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 The state was founded in 1972. It is surrounded by three Indian states (Mizoram, Nagaland, Assam) and a foreign country (Myanmar).
Manipur’s geographical terrain contains river valleys, and hills. The natural environment in Manipur has been undisturbed so far. The presence of AFSPA has been a matter of concern and you might have heard of Irom Sharmila the brave lady of Manipur who has been protesting against it.
Manipur is connected well by Imphal Airport. The capital town is linked well to Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati, Silichar and Agartala by air and roadways. If you are traveling by train, Dimapur in Nagaland would be the nearest destination. But, Dimapur is located at about 220 km from Imphal.
Manipur hosts a 10 days cultural fest from 21st to 30th November every year. It is known as the Manipur Sangai Festival.
Accommodation: Imphal city is the best place to stay. You would get plenty of hotels. If you want to check resorts in the interiors of Manipur, you would get of course.
Cuisine: Staple food is rice along with leafy vegetables and fish. They use herbs and spices while preparing food. Serve in small banana leaf pouches. Ngari, Iromba, Chamfoot and Morok are some popular names of Manipuri dishes.
Shopping: Go for Handloom articles, silk sarees, scarves, bamboo articles, ivory articles, shawls and jewellery.
Important tourist destinations:
  • Bishnupur district: The popular tourist spot - Loktak Lake, a 14th century Vishnu temple, Keibul Lamjao National Park, INA memorial and the Loukoipat Lake. Loktak Lake is situated at about 48 km from Imphal. A tourist guest house attached with a cafeteria is there on an island called Sendra Island facing the lake.
  • Imphal is divided into two districts: Imphal East and Imphal West. Imphal, the state capital is located in Imphal West district. Manipur State Museum, Shaheed Minar, Zoological garden, palace, Ima Market and the very famous Khonghampat Orchidarium are the main attraction in the district. The Orchidarium houses more than 100 orchid varieties. It is located on the outskirts of Imphal city.
  • Senapati district: The district houses old villages belonging to age old Naga tribes. Yangkhullen and Makhel are the quite known among them. Mao, an oldest hill station is located in this district. Dzukou valley is the most popular tourist place in the Senapati district. With picturesque landscape and unique Lily flowers the valley attracts nature loving tourists. The valley is the home for the highest mountain peak in Manipur named, Manipur Mount. Sadhu Chiru Waterfall is also located in the same district.

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