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Gone are those strenuous and lengthy naval expeditions for the exploration of unknown territories. Today we fly over oceans in a few hours! We travel through countries and travel across borders. We travel for recreation, business, and also for an exploration of unknown places. Basically, to travel means to move from one place to another that we all know.
Did you know that the word ‘travel’ was derived from the old French term called ‘travail’? Interestingly, ‘travail’ means ‘to toil hard’ or a ‘laborious task’. In the past, traveling was considered a laborious task due to the hardships one had to go through while traveling from one place to another.

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The term was largely referred to ‘exploration’ of new places. People traveled on barefoot, in carts and manual carriages. One can imagine the difficulties of passing through thick jungles, wild forests, mountain valleys and desert having no hopes for a ‘safe return’. Today, a traveler stumbles upon countless tea shops and restaurants at every stop to fill his empty stomach. Truly it was a ‘laborious task’ for our ancestors to travel.
Even amidst such hardships some of our brave ancestors took up expeditions and kick started the exploration of unknown territories because of which the world looks so small a place to invent anything new now! One needs no vehicles to travel through these days. Wondering how?
All of us are explorers now on the net. We travel through and across borders in a second. No hardships. We cull information about travel destinations, book vehicles and tickets, reserve accommodation and all that takes no time.
I am not a travel enthusiast, most of my expeditions are of recreational kind, and family oriented trips. Love to sit and sip in a couch at a corner of my sweet home and I do travel through my mind, and try to reach across all depths of my inner world.
So, you guess, the word ‘travel’ travels through barriers of time and place!! Still wonder…what leads one to move from one place another. Why does one ‘travel’?

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