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Kerala Tourism has won the prestigious UN award for Excellence and Innovation in Tourism this year (2014). The award was conferred on 22nd of January, 2014. This is for the first time that an Indian organisation has been conferred with such an honour at the global level. The award is honoured by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO).
While reading this news clip, I came across a catchy phrase called ‘Responsible Tourism’. It is for the excellent management of this ‘Responsible Tourism’ in Kumarakom the top honour has been given. So, I was curious to know more about Responsible Tourism.
Responsible Tourism is an offshoot of Eco Tourism, which is also known as Sustainable Tourism. This project aims at creating awareness about eco-balance, conservation of local environment, respecting local culture and the project encourages more and more involvement by the local people by supporting the local economy. It is a team work involving both the host ad the guest. The project is making news globally and already a network involving major countries of the world has been formed.
What is the role of India in this project? India, being a multi-cultural nation, is an important member of Responsible Tourism. Kerala has been a major contributor in this regard and the project was initiated in Kerala in the year 2008. Kerala selected Kumarakom region as its field of work and today the destination is regarded as a model for Sustainable Tourism.
Kumarakom project in Kerala has promoted local crafts and culture in the global scenario. Efforts have been made to co-ordinate among the natives by inviting the villagers, travel agencies, academicians, farmer groups, NGOs, local businessmen and leaders to join the network of responsible Tourism. Travel and hospitality sector of this project functions in an environment-friendly way.
In a nutshell, the scope of Tourism has been expanded by making it responsible, socially and economically as to help the local people. Four destinations of Kerala state have been functioning on this project. They are Kumarakom, Kovalam, Thekkady and Waynad in Kerala.
Won’t you be interested to explore the destinations mentioned above?!

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