Posted by : Sandeep March 9, 2013

Maha Shivaratri is celebrated to remember lord Shiva and take his blessings for personal well being in this life and after. The shivratri is observed a day before the amavasya in the phalgun month according to Hindu calendar. The devotees of Shiva stay awake on 13Th night, generally walking / travelling to some Shiva temple, singing/chanting panchakshari mantra and praising the lord Shiva. They fast on 14Th day as a penance and offering to lord Shiva, people generally restrain themselves from eating grains on this day, only some fruits, milk and milk products and some items like sabudana (sago), nuts and dry fruits can be savored while fasting. Some people take a complete fasting and restrain themselves from eating anything and some even fast without water known as nirjala fast. Bael leaves, flowers, ghee lamp, incense sticks and bhoga are offered at the temples. This is the biggest devotional event among the Hindus and devotees all around the country(India) observe this day with great religious obligations.     

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