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Historic city of Panipat is situated in the state of Haryana, India. The city has seen three major battles which have great significance in Indian history. The first battle of Panipat occurred in 1526. The battle was fought between Ibrahim Lodhi and Babur. The battle ended the rule of Lodhi in Delhi and established the new regime of Babur. The second battle was fought in 1556 in which forces of Akbar defeated the Vikramaditya, a king of north India. He is known for winning as many as 22 battles with Afgan forces. He had also captured large area of Agra and Delhi. Later on he was caught by Akbar forces and beheaded. The third battle of Panipat saw the defeat of Maratha at the hand of Ahmad Shah Abdali, an Afghan invader. The battle was fought in the year 1761. It was the worst defeat of the Maratha. The battle also weakened the power of Indian rulers and it made the entry easy for the British who ruled India until 1947.
Places to see: 
There are some places of attraction you should not miss if you visit the city of Panipat. Panipat Museum, Grave of Ibrahim Lodhi, Hemu Samadhi Sthal and Kubli Bag are some of them.

Panipat museum :
Panipat museum is established by Haryana Government. The museum gives the details of all the incidence of the battles fought there. The museum also contains inscription, sculptures, craft objects, antiquities, pottery, arms and armors.
Grave of Ibrahim Lodhi :
The tomb Ibrahim Lodhi is located near the tahsil office. Ibrahim Lodhi was defeated and slain in the first battle of Panipat. He was buried at this place.

Kabuli Bagh :
Kabuli Bagh is another interesting place you can visit in Panipat. It was built by Babur after he defeated Ibrahim Lodhi in the first battle of Panipat.

Devi temple :Devi temple is also situated there at a big tank. The temple is of local deity. Temple of Shiva, believed to e built by a Maratha king, is also located near the temple of Devi.

 Shri Ram Sharanam, Salar Gunj Gate, Kala Amb are some other places of attraction in and around the city of Panipat.
How to get there:  
The city of Panipat is well linked by rail and road to other parts of the state and the country. Panipat railway station is well connected to Delhi, Mumbai and other major cities and towns of the state and the country. Many state run buses and other private vehicles are also available from other cities and towns of the state and the country.    

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