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Udvada is famous holy town for Parsis in India. It is situated between Daman and Valsad in the state of Gujarat. The town of Udvada is renowned for its Atash Behram, the ritual fire of the Zoroastrians. Zoroastrians in India is called as Parsis. The Udvada Atasha Behram is the most revered Zoroastrian fire temple in India. It is oldest continuously burning fire-temple in the world. Atash Behram in Udvada is one of the nine Atash Behram worldwide eight of which are located only in India (especially in western India) and remaining one is in Yazd, Iran.

Udvada is a seaside village and is mostly inhabited by Parsis. It is distant from other cities of Gujarat with many old style Parsis buildings found there. Pleasant breeze, lush green surrounding and cool and calm ambience in Udvada attracts many tourists along with Parsi pilgrims. Here in Udvada you will find many Faredome cottages. These are old Parsi buildings which have stood the time and are still intact. These monumental Parsi structures attract many historians and archeologists. Efforts are being made to protect Faredome Cottages and get the status of world heritage site for them.

Udvada seashore has now been turned into a beautiful beach. The beach has muddy brown sand and rocky terrain. Here you can get the glimpses of lives, cultures and customs of fishermen community of Udvada.

How to reach

By Train:

Udvada railway station which is 11 km away from the center of Udvada town is well linked to Mumbai and thereby other cities of India.

By Road:

Maharashtra and Gujarat state run buses connect Udvada to Mumbai and other cities and towns of those states.

By Air:

Mumbai which is 205 km away from Udvada serves as closest airbase to it. Mumbai Airport is well connected to other major cities of India and other countries.

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