Posted by : Sandeep July 4, 2012

Aunrihar is a railway junction in Ghazipur district of Uttar Pradesh state. The railway junction is a part of North Eastern Railway Division of Indian Railway. Hasnapur Road and Saidpur Bhtri are other nearby railway stations to Aunrihar.

Sarnath, the famous Buddhist site, is located just 35 km away from Aunrihar.  The deer park in Sarnath is the same place where Lord Buddha first taught his Dhamma. It also serves to be the same place where Buddha Sangha came into existence. An old Buddhist Stupa called Dhamek Stupa is located there. Besides, it is also home to a Tibetan Buddhist temple and a Jain temple.

Varanasi is just 40 km away from Aunrihar railway station. Known for its religious significance, Varanasi is frequented by thousands of devotees throughout the year. This pilgrimage city is perched on the bank of holy river Ganga and is also popularly called Banaras.    

 Located just about 70 km away from Aunrihar, Jaunpur is known for several places of historical and religious importance. An old Jama Masjid, Shahi Bridge and Yamdagni Ashram are some of the places of tourist and religious significance in Jaunpur. Vindhyachal and Sasaram are other worth visiting places located around Aunrihar.

Aunrihar Railway Junction is connected by several trains to Sarnath, Varanasi (JN), Gazhipur, Gorakhpur (JN), and Bhatni (JN), Mau (JN), Jaunpur (JN) and many other cities of state of the country. National Highway (NH-29) and a state highway also connect Aunrihar to other parts of the state and the country. Varanasi serves to be the nearest airbase to Aunrihar.

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