Posted by : Prashant June 21, 2012

Culture of Shirdi
Shirdi is a popular town situated in Maharashtra state. Shirdi is famous for its temple of Sri Sai Baba. The temple is visited by many devotees from across the country throughout the year. Marathi is the widely spoken language of the people while Hindi can also be understood and spoken by some.  Sri Sai Baba is revered by the people of different religions like Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, etc. Though the town of Shirdi is inhabited by mainly by Hindu people there other people who belonged to different religion like Muslim and Buddhist. 
The people of Shirdi consider themselves to be privileged ones as it is their town where the India’s most revered saint Sri Sai Baba spent his most of his life. Shirdi has now grown in to a major pilgrimage center visited by lakhs of people from across the country and that had led to the many employment opportunity for the people of Shirdi. People of Shirdi also celebrate many important festivals of India with much fanfare. Earlier the people of Shirdi used to wear their traditional attires. Men used to don the Dhoti and Pheta while their women folk used to wear Choli and Lugda. But now young ones of the town have taken to modern way living. But some elderly men and women are still found in their traditional attires.   

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