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Perched on the bank of Chambal River, Kota is a city in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is located in the centre of Hadoti region of Rajasthan and is famous tourist destinations in the state. Rich in its culture and traditions, Kota is home to several places of attraction which draws a number of tourists throughout the year.        
City Palace :
City Palace is a key attraction of Kota. Built in perfect blend of Rajasthani and Mughal architectural style, City Palace serves to be cultural and historic heritage offering insights of glorious royal past of Kota city. It is adorned with beautiful wall paintings, mirror work, floral decorations and hanging illuminated lights.Fascinating garden surrounding the City Palace adds the beauty to this impressive monument. A section of the palace now houses a museum which displays rich collection of medieval weapons, costumes of erstwhile kings and queens, handicrafts, several artifacts, etc. 
Chambal Garden :
Chambal Garden is another major place of interest in Kota. Located against backdrop of Chambal River, Chambal Garden serves is much frequented picnic spot in Kota which is just 36 km away from Bundi city. The garden contains a well maintained pond housing several crocodiles. A suspension bridge for crossing the river is another attraction of the place. One can also enjoy boating in the river. Chambal garden is a perfect place to spend weekends and holidays.

Kishore Sagar :
Constructed during the 14th century by Bundi prince Dehra Deh, Kishore Sagar is beautiful artificial lake located near Brij Vilas Palace Museum. Built in red sand stone, Brij Vilas Palace presents us the views of glorious past of Rajasthan state and more specifically of Kota city.

Jag Mandir :
It is located right on the center of the lake,and this monument is a red sandstone construction built in 1740 by one of the maharanis of Kota.
Kaithoon and Alnea are other places of interest located in and around the city of Kota.

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