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 Tourist Places in Gwalior

 Tourist attractions in Gwalior: Historical city of Gwalior is one of the finest tourist destinations in India. Being home to several places of attraction, Gwalior is much frequented tourist place in the state of Madhya Pradesh. 

Gwalior Fort: Built about 1000 years ago, Gwalior Fort happens to be the key attraction of the city. According to a popular belief among the local people, this impressive fort was constructed by Raja Suraj Sen on the advice of a saint named Gwalipa. The fort has witnessed the rules of several dynasties over several centuries. This majestic fort of Gwalior stands on hilly terrain offering picturesque views of downhill valleys. The fort presents a fine example of architectural style of medieval age. Along the way to the fort uphill, one can see the beautifully carved statues of Jain Tirthankaras. 

Man Mandir Palace: Man Mandir Palace is another prominent historical structure located in Gwalior. This beautiful palace was built by Man Sing Tomar during the 16th century.  Over the long period of time the fort has lost most of its exquisite carvings and designs. Nevertheless a visit to the palace reminds one of the glorious and royal ambiences of medieval age. Also known as Chitra Mandir or Palace of Painting, Man Mandir Palace still houses tiled and painted sculpture of peacock and many other birds.  

Gujari Mahal:  Gujari Mahal in Gwalior is a monumental structure built by Raja Man Sing Tomar in memory of his ninth wife named Mrignayani. It has now been turned into an archeological museum exhibiting numerous antiquities. Precious jewels and stones in the crown placed there is a noteworthy feature of Gujari Mahal. The museum has a fine collection of wide varieties of sculptures belonging to the 1st century. A beautiful sculpture of Giraspur Shalabhanjika is another attractive feature of the museum.
The list Gwalior attractions does not end here. Gwalior houses many other places of interest in and around it. Suraj Kund, Memorial of Tansen, Sas-Bahu temple, Teli ka Mandir, Tomb of Mohammad Ghaus and Surya Mandir are some of the other attractions of Gwalior.  

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