Posted by : Sandeep April 7, 2012


Gangaur is one of the most important festivals of Rajasthan and  it is celebrated for eighteen day from the day following the Holi, festival of colors. The festival is celebrated in honor of goddess Gauri, manifestation of goddess of Parvati, the consort of lord Shiva. The festival of Gangaur is celebrated throughout the state of Rajasthan and it is the occasion when young girls and married women are seen worshipping the goddess Gauri.  Here during the celebration of the festival you will see young girl seeking the blessing from the goddess for getting a good husband while married women would be seen praying for the welfare of their husbands and happy married lives.  On the occasion the images and idols of the goddess Gauri are adorned with beautiful cloth and jewelry. Gangaur is considered to be an auspicious occasion for the young people to choose their partners for life.

During the festival a processions are taken out in different parts of state of Rajasthan. The procession is accompanied by the local band adding charm to it.  Beautifully decorated idols of Goddess are taken out in the procession. Celebrations of Gangaur festival in different of cities of the state have their own special features like the one in Udaipur where an amazing boat procession is taken out in Pichola Lake on the occasion of Gangaur.  Gangaur festival provides an event for the tribal young men and young women when they are seen mingling with each other freely and selecting their life partners.

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