Posted by : Sandeep April 2, 2012

The Fontainhas festival is an art and culture festival of Goa. The festival will be held in the month of February. It is an eight day event organized by the Goa Heritage Action Group every year. The Festival takes place at the old Goa settlements, known as Fontainhas. Fontainhas is a part of old Goa (one of the former Portuguese settlements) comprising of churches, chapels and residences. Narrow lane, houses built in the Portuguese style mark the place. The place is a part of Panaji city in Goa.
The Fontainhas festival is an attempt to create awareness about the Goan heritage among the youngsters. Artists from all across the area gather there to celebrate the festival. The festival is completely an attempt to revive the Goan heritage of music, dance and art. Singers and dancers from all across the world come here to perform on this occasion. The city would witness large number of visitors during that period. Everyday there would be musical and dance events and almost every house would look like an art gallery displaying the Goan heritage. The festival provides an opportunity for the artists to expand their network.

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