Posted by : Prashant April 10, 2012

Events in Amritsar

Events in Amritsar are associated either with the Sikh religion, such as the birth anniversaries of the Sikh Gurus, or, with harvest season. Amritsar, the holy of city for the Sikhs celebrates three festivals mainly.  They are Lohri, Vaishakhi and Holi. These festivals mark the change in the seasons. These festivals have been originated around the way of life led by the farming community in the Punjab region. 
Lohri is celebrated on the 13th of January marking the end of the winter season. The next day is the first day of their month. The festival coincides with the Hindu festival Makara Sankranti (celebrated on the 14th of January). Usual mode of celebrations would include an offering done at Gurudwaras. 
Viashakhi, or Baishakhi is a festival of harvest that falls on the last day of their harvest season which is celebrated with great fervor. The festival falls in the month of April (13th and 14th). It is a harvest festival. Marking the harvest season’s end the festival would be celebrated with their Bhangra dance. The day is special for another reason. On the same day the Sikh Guru Govind Singh initiated the order of Khalsa.  Other than the above mentioned festivals, there are other festivities celebrated in the city of Amritsar. Rama Tirath Fair is one such event that is celebrated for five days. This is celebrated after Diwali at Rama Tirath near Amritsar. Tullu floating (diyas made of flour are let afloat in the tank), and acrobat shows are the major attraction of the fair. People of Amritsar also celebrate the Guru Purab festival. The festival falls twice in a year, once in November and next in January. Guru Granth Sahib would be read without any gaps, and visits would be made to Gurudwara. All the Sikh Gurus, especially Guru Govind Singh would be remembered on this occasion. 
On all these occasions the city of Amritsar would gear up to celebrate with great enthusiasm. Fairs and concerts especially for the ocassion would be arranged for the entertainment in the city.

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