Posted by : Sandeep April 23, 2012

 Surat is mainly known for its diamond cutting industry in the world. This commercial capital city of Gujarat also boasts of rich culture and traditions as other parts of the state. Fairs and festivals celebrated in Surat present before us cultural distinctiveness of the region. Along with major national festivals of India like Deepawali, Dussera and holi, the city of Surat celebrates many other cultural events and festivals with much fanfare.  
Kite Flying Festival in Surat is major cultural event eagerly awaited by the people of Surat. The event is organized on the eve of Makar Sakranti. On the occasions of the festival the blue sky of Surat is filled with thousands of colorful kites. A number of tourists from different parts of the country and from abroad as well throng there to participate in this charming and colorful event. A similar kind of kite festival is organized in another city of Gujarat- Ahmadabad
Dan Darbar is an annual fair organized in Surat few days before the festival of Holi. It is a traditional fair being held every year from the time of Raja and Maharajas of the region. The fair is popularly known as Jamabandi Darbar. It displays the rich cultures and traditions of the region. Tribal people in their traditional attire gather there to showcase their traditional crafts, artifacts and other work of arts. Gujarat is known for its celebration of Navratri festival. Surat, being a part of Gujarat, also celebrates the festival with great enthusiasm.

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