Posted by : Sandeep March 21, 2012


 The city of Tiruchirappalli is commonly known as Trichy. It is the fourth largest city in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. Trichy which boasts of having great history is also rich in its culture and traditions. Residents of Trichy are known as Tiruchiite. Along with Tamil people, Malayalam, English, Marathi and Hindi speaking people also form a part of the Trichy society.   With the influx of students and industrial workers from different part of the country Trichy has got a cosmopolitan look. 

Rich culture of Trichy can be seen in its beautiful crafts, traditional attires, festivals, cuisine etc. Textile weaving, leather works, gem-cutting etc are prominent artworks in Trichy. Wooden idol of gods and goddesses of Hindu are found on sale at crafts stores in the city. Coming to the dressing style of the people of Trichy it is seen that the city, like most urban parts of the country, has changed with the time and has taken to modern way of dressing.  Young boys and even girls are found in jeans, T shirts and other western style of outfits.  Though the city of Trichy is popular for its delicious south Indian cuisines, it also serves the visitors wide varieties of food dishes of different part of the country. Fairs and festivals also form an integral part of the culture of the people of Trichy.

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