Posted by : Prashant March 10, 2012

Culture of Ranchi

Ranchi district reflects mixed culture largely consisting of tribal people. As we go through the history of the district we would note that Ranchi was largely a tribal area practicing a traditional way of life. It is so with other parts of Jharkhand also. The tribal people practice their own tradition, rituals and way of life. They have enriched the district with their folk art and culture. Rice is their staple food. Rice beer (handia-means a beer jar) is their drink to be served at marriages as a part of their custom. Munda and Oraon are the main tribes found in this district. The social customs they practice may have slight variations but in general they follow what has been transmitted to them over generations from their ancestors. Nagara, Kartal and mandar are their popular musical instruments. The Oraon language is called Kurukh, and it is taught in some universities now. Many of them have migrated to North Eastern States for a livelihood. 
There are many Christian converts in this area. Since the State of Jharkhand shares its borders with West Bengal, Orissa, and Chhattisgarh, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh many of the settlers from these States have influenced the culture of Jharkhand State.  The impact of invaders has nevertheless left some traces of other cultures as we find traces of the Mughal period, the British period etc. People can speak Hindi, Maithili, Urdu, and tribal languages like the Mundari and Oraon dialects. People even speak Bengali well.

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