Posted by : Prashant February 7, 2012

Culture of PuneLink
The city of Pune boasts of having rich cultural heritage. The city is rightfully called as the cultural capital of Maharashtra as it serves to be a mirror of Marathi culture and traditions. The city which has seen the great development in all spheres of life has managed to preserve its rich traditions and cultures. City of Pune is such place in entire India where modernization and cultural traditions seems to be walking hand in hand. This culturally rich city of Pune has been the place of work of many great social reformer and freedom fighters. Mahatma Phule and Bal GangadharTilak are some of them. Present city of Pune also boasts of being home to the largest number of educational institutes and hence is known as Oxford of East. 

Celebrating festivals with much pomp and show has been the tradition of Pune. It can be seen its celebration of Ganesh festival which is celebrated for ten day with great enthusiasm. Besides this, there are other several cultural events celebrated in the city. Sawai Gandharv Classical Music festival is one of them. The city of Pune is famous for its Lavani songs. Lavani songs which are performed by women artists have become popular throughout the state of Maharashtra. Pune has produced many Lavani artists like Surekha Punekar who is still enthralling people of Maharashtra by her performance.

Though the majority of people in Pune are Hindu the city is also home to people of other religions like, Muslim, Buddhism, Christian etc. the city has witnesses a number of people from different part of India coming to the city and making it their home. Therefore along with the Marathi culture, culture of other states can also be seen there. Marathi is the native language of the city while Hindi and English are also spoken by some.

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