Posted by : Sandeep February 24, 2012

Kullu is a popular tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh. It is also considered as the oldest ancient state after the Kashmir and Kangra valleys. The people of Kullu are known for their simple style of living and hard work. Fairs, festivals, customs, traditions, beliefs, costumes, food form the vital part of culture of Kullu. Customs and rituals followed by the people there display the simplicity of their lifestyle. Fairs and festivals celebrated there are integral part of tradition.
The people of Kullu are essentially close to the Mother Nature.  Most of the people here are famers by occupation. Now some people are also turning to other source of income especially in tourism sectors and handloom industries. Kulu and Manali are known as twin cities. Manali is at a height of 150 meters and lies in north of Kulu valley. Many old temples situated there are fine specimen of architectural sculptures. Kullu is also known for its handicrafts, folk arts, temple carvings. Folk dance and songs are essential part of Kullu culture. Fairs and festivals serve to be perfect occasion for the visitors to have glimpses into the live of the people of Kullu. On the occasion of the fair and festivals the people of Kullu are found performing their folk arts like dance and song. Men and women are found forming a circle and dancing in accompanied with the music band. Nati, Dhili Nati, Pheti Nati etc are some of popular kinds of folk dance of the people of Kullu. People of Kullu usually wear the warm clothes as climate there remains cool for the most time of the year.  Men of Kullu used to wear Chola, dora, suthan, topa etc; now they are also changing with time and are more inclined to wear modern dresses. 

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