Posted by : Sandeep February 17, 2012

Located at the banks of Ganga River in Uttar Pradesh. Kanpur is one of the important industrial centers of North India. Formerly small towns around Kanpur jajmua and Bhitoor were more famous than Kanpur. Kanpur was an irrelevant village in 18Th century. But the turning point in its history came when Moghuls lost this land to British in 1801. Kanpur slowly became an important defense headquarters of British army and later transformed into an Industrial hub. Kanpur was actively involved in India’s independence struggle. Many poets, composers, and other freedom fighters were from Kanpur. 

Valmiki ashram at Bhitoor is famous as Sita Mata wife of Lord Rame stayed here with her two sons Luv & Kush. Today Bhitoor is a tourist spot where Ganga Mela is celebrated on 8Th day after Holi festival. People throw colors and greet each other they take holy bath in the Ganga River. The festival is celebrated in memories of the revolutionaries who were released by the British government after imprisonment for 1857 revolution.

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