Posted by : sachinkate December 17, 2011

Bhiu is a festival celebrated by the people of Assam, India. It is the most important cultural festival of the state of Assam and is also regarded as the national festival of it. Though the origin of the festival goes back to ancient time, the festival has a taken modern look and become a commercialized event. However the festival still holds its religious and social significance in Assam and draws people of all cast, creed, religion together to celebrate the event.

There are three types of Bhiu festival celebrated in Assam in a year. They are known as Rongaali Bhiu, Kongaali Bhiu and Bhogaali Bhiu. Rongaali Bhiu is the most important of all these three Bhiu festivals and it is celebrated in Bhohaag (mid April) month. Kongaali Bhiu falls in the month of October while Bhogaali Bhiu comes in January month of the year.    

Rongaali Bhiu which is the most important festival is also known as Bohaag Bhiu as it comes on the first day of Bhohaag (mid April) month. Bohaag is the first month of the Assamese Calender and therefore the celebration of the festival also marks the beginning of Assamese New Year. Rongaali Bhiu also marks advent of spring season in Assam. The celebration of the festival continues for several days and Bhiu Songs and Dance are performed during the festival.  

Kongaali Bhiu, also known as Kati Bhiu, does not contain much pomp and show. It is celebrated in Kati (mid October) month. Silent prayer with lighting of earthen lamps is done in the paddy fields for the successful growing of the crop. Bhogaali Bhiu is the last Bhiu festival of the people of Assam. It comes in the month of January and is celebrated immediately after harvesting the paddy cultivation. An overnight community function is organized in make shift houses made of thatch in the paddy fields.  These particular house are called as Bhela Ghar. A community feast is also organized there. The people celebrate the festival throughout the night in Bhela Ghar and the next morning the same Bhela Ghar is set on fire by people marking the end of the festival.

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