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Pack Your Bags for a “Relishing Winter's in Indore”

Delicious Winter Foods that are Must Eat

      In a country like India where language changes after every 20 km and so is the variety of food offered. Every region has it's unique flavour to offer. there are some good food and there are some Great Foodwhich awakens your appetite, by just hearing the very name of it.

      Indore is one such heaven for the food lovers, with it's wide food varities to offer in each season. A city not only famous for it's preference for tourist visiting cental India, It's rapid growth and major contributor in country GDP growth, but is also very famous among "FOOD JUNKIES" derived it's flavour from three major states, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan, Indorians have come up with there own unique food flavours.

The only city that changes its form, from “Gold Market in day light  to FOOD Lane” in the nights ,serving the most tasty vegetarian snacks, chaat and sweets right from 8 pm upto 2 at night.

Here are some of the best winder food,if planning to visit Indore during winters.

Guradu Chat

image courtesy: wikipedia

   "Fried yam sprinkelled with rosted spices and chaat powder along with lemon juice, is a perfect winter treat, Garadu is among the favorite winter food and would be found in small steet stalls, every where in Indore.

 It is a variety of Yam and is considered as one of the tastiest winter delicacies in Indore and is even included among wedding menu,along with other snacks. Here, the root is chopped boiled and fried twice before being tossed (saute) in spices and lime juice. People love the taste of  tuberous root from potato family found largely in central India.

Bhutte ki Kees

image courtesy: wikipedia
"My Corn crushed, sauted with green chilled and mustard, served with sev"

Bhutte ki Kees is worth trying in Indore, during winters. This lip smacking dish is the special food attraction among trourist during winters.

Bhutte ki Kees is a popular street food from Madhya Pradesh. Essentially, this dish is made with boiled and mashed corn fried in ghee. It's then mixed up with besan, hing, jeera and a lot of other spices. It tastes really delicious!

Butlaa/ Green Peas Kachori 

image courtesy: wikipedia
Hot and crispy Kachori, stuffed with freen peas, served with various chutney, dahi and sev
While kachori is a common name amoung Indian household and street food, Butlaa kachori is different.

In Indore it's stuffed not with spiced lentils but with batla (green pea), a special flavor during winters. Sounds yummy..!

The best place to have it is " Saarafa Bazaar". there are lot other places to Visit in Indore along with thes great food. 

So what are you waiting for Book your Cab for today. 

Well this is the season for ' Matar Kachori ', so just plan your visit to Indore this winter and enjoy these dilicious dishes on the way.

Clear Car Rental wish you a Happy Winter !!

Uttarakhand Tourism - Why Beauty Should Not Be Found


   Uttarakhand Tourism - Why Beauty Should Not Be Found

  image credit- wikipedia 

An Overview:

"Uttarakhand" [formerly called "Uttranchal"] a state in northen India which is also known as the "Land of the Gods" or "Devbhumi" and the abode of the towering Himalayas. The state has full of spectacularly scenic landscapes, atmosphere, charming hill stations, and conservation parks which attracts thousands of tourist every year from around the globe.

          It borders Tibet to the north, Nepal on the east. While it is Himachal Pradesh in the south of Uttar Pradesh and north west. The original name of this state was Uttaranchal which was changed to Uttarakhand in January 2007. There are 13 districts in the state which are divided on the basis of major divisions, Kumaon and Garhwal.


                                                                                image credit- wikipedia 

 Uttarakhand state experiences three major seasons, including summer, monsoon and winter. The climate here is largely dependent on the geographical conditions here. Here there are huge hills on one side and there are also small planes on the other side.

                                             image credit- wikipedia 

Best time to visit Uttarakhand: 

Summer season is the best time to visit because of the good and pleasant weather. Tourists can also plan their journey to the state in the winter. 

Languages ​​

The official language of Uttarakhand is Hindi, but it is spoken in various dialects in diverse areas. Kumaon and Garhwali are spoken mostly here. Apart from this, mountain bidding is also popular in some areas. Under the 'Kumaon' wide range, popular sub-dialects are - Johri,Danpuria, Ascotti, Cirali, Gangola, Khapsaria, Faldakoti, Pachaiyi, Rauchowdhasi, Maa Kumayya, Saurayali, Chaughaakhali and Kumaya. The sub-categories of Garhwali dialects include Jaunsari, Sailani and Marchi. The major bids here are influenced by Sanskrit, Central Pahari, and Sauraseni Prakrit and these languages ​​are written in Devanagari script.

                                              image credit- wikipedia 

Tourism in Uttarakhand

There are many tourist sites in 13 beautiful districts of Uttarakhand, with the discovery of new sites, the list is increasing here. From worship to trekking, every place has its own importance. There are many pilgrimages here and the beautiful instruments here provide a huge range of exciting activities for the travelers.

Known as the district of Lakes of Uttarakhand, Nainital is a popular tourist spot which is situated at an elevation of 1938 meters above sea level. This piece of paradise was discovered by the British in the year 1841 and was changed to a holiday resort. The word 'Naini' was derived from the name of Hindu Goddess Naini, whose temple is located on the banks of the lake.

                                                                      image credit- wikipedia 

Nainital Offers visitors boating, sailing and fishing opportunities. Nainital's many beautiful tourist attractions attract a large number of tourists from all over the world. These places include Hanumangarhi, Khurpatal, Kilbury, Lariyakanta, and Lansdowne.

Apart from these places, there are places near Nainik Peak, Snow View, Nainital Ropeway, Bhimtal, Nukuchiyalam, and Seven Tal Nainital, which are known for their beauty. The queen of the hills is a place to visit Mussoorie. Its beautiful green hills and the snow-covered mountains of the powerful Himalayas provide a panoramic view of the Doon valley, which is located in the southern direction.

Yamuna Bridge, Nag Dibba, Dhanulati, and Sukkhanda Devi are tourist sites around Mussoorie. The Kausani Katuri valley, the snowy peaks of Gomti river and Panchchuli, Nanda Coat, Nanda Devi, Trishul, Nanda Ghanti, Chaukhamba and Kedarnath gives breathtaking views. Anasakshi Ashram, Pant Museum, and Laxmi Ashram are also popular among tourists.

In places known for its natural beauty and a diverse wildlife, Jim Corbett National Park, Rajaji National Park, Kedarnath Sanctuary, Govind Wildlife Sanctuary, Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, Asan Barrage Bird Sanctuary, Nanda Devi National Park, and Ascot Wildlife Sanctuary Places like this are included.


image credit- wikipedia

Many pilgrims come to Uttarakhand to see the deities at places like Kailash, Almora, Agastya Muni, Badrinath, Devprayag, Dwarahat, Ganganani, Gangolihat, Gangotri and Gaurikund etc. Other famous places include Haridwar, Kedarnath, Rudranath, Kalpeshwar and Jageshwar. Himalaya and Karakoram ranges are ideal places for trekking, mountaineering, skiing, and river rafting. Here biking, paragliding and camping can also be enjoyed.

So are you planning a visit to this famous place? 
Then don't worry you can book a cab/taxi services to this locations from any destination in Uttarakhand and assure a comfortable journey at affordable price.

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Must Visit Places in Pune for a Foodie

   Popularly known as 'the Cultural Capital of Maharashtra' and 'Oxford of East' Pune is flocked by thousands of tourist every year to experience the blend of both old and new traditions from different Indian states and foreigners too. 

However the city is not only famous for the tourist places as it is also for the unique food and flavor. Almost world's all lip smacking dish can be found in the city. 

Here is a list of few famous restaurants, street-joints in Pune that we have jotted down for a foodie. 

Burger King

Image credit: wikimedia

One of famous food brand located at off East Street, Camp and near Koregaon Park It is popular for lip-smacking burgers which are gigantic in size. One think more that don't forget to try their in-house cold coffee. 

Goodluck Cafe [F C Road]

It’s a Irani cafe-restaurant located at Goodluck chowk, Deccan area and famous for Keema, Bun-Maska, Chai  and Bun Maska Omelette.

Kayani Bakery

Image credit: wikimedia

A legendary Parsi bakery located at opposite Victory Theatre,  East Street,  Camp area. It is famous for best mouthwatering cakes and Shrewsbury biscuits.

Time:- 7:30am to 1:00pm and 3:30pm to 8:00pm

Vaishali  located on FC road

Image credit: Flicker

List will never complete without mentioning the 'Vaihali' that has been serving foodies for the past 50 years.  It is situated on the Fergusson College Road. Famous food is Sev Puri Dahi Puri, sabudana wada with with coconut chutney 
and pav bhaji.

Sujata Mastani

Image credit: wikimedia

Famous for ice-cream milkshake in a glass and topped with nuts and dried fruits, kesar and in some cases cherry.
It has several branches spread in the city. some of them are at Viman nagar, Katraj, etc.

Tiranga Non Veg

Famous for Maharashtrian chicken and mutton curry and hot millet jowar bhakris.

Bedekar Missal

Image credit: wikimedia

Located at Narayan Peth. It is famous for lip smacking Puneri Missal.

Vohuman Cafe

An old Irani joint established in 1978 is located near Ruby hall clinic. Famous for delicious Cheese Omelette, Cheese Toast and Irani chai.


Located in Navi peth area, Pune. Durvankur is famous for Pure veg thali. Must try 'Aamras' if you visit Pune in summers and  'Modak' on chaturthi.

So bookmark this places and plan and book a chauffeur driven cab in Pune to explore the city in a whole new way.

Mysterious Rocks Hill - Kawadia Pahaad, Madhya Pradesh

   The result of an ancient volcanic  eruption, these are perfectly straight rocks looking blankly at the sky. Countless stone formations having differnt shapes and size of almost 20-40 feet in height  and mainly hexagonal in shape spreads arcoss the forest of Udaipura-Baagli in (Dewas) -Indore.

 Kawadiya Mountain is one-of-its-kind site that charms you with the breathtaking view of countless pillar-like stones. Piled up in a certain array, they form a trail of one kilometre. The stones produce sound when you beat on them stone or small metal and each stone makes a different metalic sound. The local people claim to hear soft, ringing sounds from stones on certain nights.

 Much similar to rocks seen in Ireland or in China these are the similar rocks which appeared out of Geological movements or some Volcanic eruption.
A wonderful & nature crafted destination for ecofreak  who look for short visits , relax your nerves amidst untapped and unexplored beauty.
The location may be difficult to find on the map but these rocks are considered among oldest rock sample ,that is been explored and which might attract Geologist in near future.

 According to locals Pandav- Bheem wished to marry river goddess Narmada, she chided him to stop her flow by the next dawn using his valor. Only then she would submit to his wishes. Bheem procured these stones but failed to reach the river. Great imagination! There are other two versions of the story as well.
 The formation is awesome and gives an impression that it is man made. This site is unexplored yet in Madhya Pradesh .

How to reach:

Kawadiya is 75 kms from Indore. It can be accessed by hiring a cab or private vehicle. No direct conveyance is available. The nearest Railway Station is Dewas (MP).

Where to stay:

No accommodation facilities are available in Kawadiya or nearby. Ride back to Dewas or Indore for overnight stay.
Still far from commercialization ,there are no local shops for food and water .It is advisable to carry  food and water along during visit.
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Guru Nanak Jayanti

                                        Guru Nanak Jayanti

     The Guru Nanak Jayanti or we can say Guru Nanak Gurpurab is celebrated all over the world . This day is considered to be very religious and auspicious for the people. A 2 days long Akhand Paath - reading entire Guru Granth Sahib takes place before Gurpurab. A day before early morning processions called ‘prabhat pheri’ take place.  

The Nishan Sahib, a holy triangular flag bearing the symbol of Khalsa Panth is waved during these processions. As you can observe you can see Nishan Sahib hoisted on domes of Gurudwaras.

On the Guru Nanak Jayanti, bhajans are chanted and langar, food cooked in common kitchen and is served in Gurdwaras to all the visitors. To honour this great Guru, we write about the best Gurudwaras in India. 

The Golden Temple, Amritsar, Punjab. Sri Harmandir Sahib or Sri Darbar Sahib is famous in world for its striking appearance in gold. Visited all year round, the Gurudwara is a peaceful place for all worshipers. Golden Temple’s stunning architecture and grandeur certainly puts it on every traveler’s speech less.


Statue of Unity - The World's Tallest Statue and Pride of India.

Statue of Unity- The man who united India

 The Statue of Unity is a statue of Indian respected political leader and founding father, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel 1875–1950 in the state of Gujarat, India. The Statue of Unity is the world's tallest statue with a height of 182 metres (597 ft). It is located on the river Island facing the Sardar Sarovar Dam on the river Narmada in Kevadiya, 100 Km of the city of Vadodara,Gujarat.

Image credit - wikipedia

The Statue of Unity and its surroundings occupy more than 2 hectares (4.9 acres),and are surrounded by a 12 km long artificial lake. It was built by Larsen & Toubro, who received the contract for ₹2,989 crore for the design,construction and maintenance in October 2014. The construction was started on October 2014 and completed in October 2018. It was designed by Indian sculptor Ram V. Sutar, and was dedicated by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 31 October 2018, the 143rd anniversary of  Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel birth.

Ticket Charges Statue of Unity ?

The entry is free for children below the age of 3, while it is Rs 350 per head for everyone else.

It includes entry to the observation deck, valley of flowers, the Sardar Patel memorial, museum and audio-visual gallery, the Statue of Unity site and the Sardar Sarovar dam.

So  there is a cheaper option as well that will cost you Rs 120 and Rs 60 for children below the age of 15.

It includes a basic entry ticket to the valley of flowers, the Sardar Patel memorial, museum and audio-visual gallery, the Statue of Unity site and the dam.

Did you know this Record Number of Visitors in One Day !

Since 1 November 2018, when the statue opened for the public, around 1.28 lakh tourists visited the memorial. (11 November 2018 Sunday)  and sees a record of 27000 visitors in one day.

How to reach The Statue of Unity ?

By Road :- The nearest city to the statue of unity are Vadodara and Ankleshwar
- From Vadodara - approx 100 km one side distance.
- From Ankleshwar - approx 90 km one side distance.

By Air :- The nearest airport is in Vadodara (Civil Airport Harni)
Which is 100 km approx.

By Train :- The nearest railway station is chhota Udepur which is 85 km approx. from
Statue of Unity. Other railway station is Vadodara which is around approx. 100 km away from here.

So are you planning a visit to this world famous place? 
Then don't worry you can book a cab/taxi services to this locations from any destination in Gujarat and assure a comfortable journey at affordable price.

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