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Eco resorts: an emerging trend in India

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 Travel and hospitality sector in the Indian scenario is rapidly growing. It has become more organized, approachable and trendy than before. Especially, the hospitality sector had never been so versatile. Accommodations are available in various forms to suit the travelers coming from diverse backgrounds and having diverse tastes.
Cozy resorts providing spiritual healing centers, palaces converted into luxury hotels providing royal treatment, houseboats for a romantic holiday, a night at some remote jungle resort and huts on trees for a meditative mind…you can think of countless combinations like these. Backwater stays, rural home stays and village stays are gaining global recognition.  You will be surprised to find the one in some or the other corners of India.
As a major breakthrough, Eco Tourism has gained widespread popularity. As per the definition, Eco Tourism provides a unique traveling experience for nature lovers. It is another name for responsible traveling to save natural environment and to create awareness regarding the preservation of natural environment.
Eco friendly accommodation (Eco Resorts) is a part of that project. This is an effort to re-connect with the lifestyle that has gone into oblivion. In village stays, you would be offered to stay in the traditional style houses so that you can have a firsthand experience an Indian village lifestyle. You get village home stays in Coorg, Kerala, and the North-Eastern states of India especially.

Eco resorts will be built without harming the local environment by utilizing what is available at local sites. Basic amenities will be provided along with hot water and internet facilities. Housekeeping department will ensure that there will be eco-friendly/organic products kept inside each room. If it is located in any sanctuary area there will be a guided tour or wildlife safari attached to that. Trekking, hiking, and camps will be arranged by the local guides. At present, you would get cottages, bamboo and wooden huts, houseboats, tree top huts and village home stays in India.

Location of some major Eco Resorts:    
‘God’s Own country’ Kerala has the highest number of eco lodges and resorts in India. ‘Tourindia’ group of enthusiast were the pioneers in the field of backwater tourism in India. Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is the most visited destination.  You would get houseboats, tree houses, Tiger Trails, eco-lodges and cave-houses for nature lovers.
Karnataka state is renowned for Bandipur resorts, Nagarhole jungle Inns, home stays in Coorg, Dandeli resorts, Kabini reservoir lodges, cottages at B.R.project. You can enjoy wildlife safaris, joy fishing, trekking, bird watching, elephant rides, and many more attraction in these resorts.

Some of the famous Eco- Lodges:
  • Tusker Trail resort at Bandipur National Park, Karnataka
  • Corbett Riverside Resort, Claridges Corbett Hideaway, The wild safari Lodge at Corbett National Park.
  • Krishna Jungle resort, Kanha Jungle Lodge, Tuli Tiger resort at Kanha National park.
  • Wild Grass Lodge at Kaziranga National park.
  • Kumarakom Lake resort at Kumarakom Bird sanctuary.
  • Spice Village Hotel, Taj Garden retreat and Lake Palace Hotel at Periyar Wildlife sanctuary.
  • Tiger den resort, Tiger Moon resort, Sher Bagh at Ranathambore.
  • Sundar Chital Tourist Lodge at Sunderbans.

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Booking a Cab for 1st Time?

Are you planning to take your family for a leisurely holiday and you are thinking of making your own travel arrangements? If you are confused whether to hire a taxi or to travel in bus, then we have a suggestion, book a cab. By hiring a taxi you would not only be saving time but also your money. Don’t be surprised. Rental cars are affordable by anyone these days. Moreover, cabs can be booked online and that is made easy by Clear Car Rental Company.
If you are booking a cab for the 1st time, you would naturally be scared and confused. Will that be affordable, reliable, or will that be convenient…all sorts of doubts arise in your mind. Online Cab Booking services are plenty these days, and you can book a cab through your cell phones. Here is a trustworthy Online Cab Booking service provider that clears all your doubts regarding cab booking, follow Clear Car Rentals.
There are two ways for cab booking which is followed usually; one is the conventional way of booking through travel agents and another one is on the spot booking. Online Cab Booking is the new wave in the history of cab booking in India. It is as reliable as your travel agent and more efficient than him.

Online cab booking would be done through online service providers who are connected to various travel agencies and cab owners. Clear Car Rental Company, a reliable online rental car service provider, guides you how to book a car. It is fast, easy and simple.
Open the Clear Car Rental web page. On the home page, you would see a search box. Just fill the details asked in the search box. Choose the type of service you need: whether it is an out station trip, local or transfer service. Click whether you want for a round trip, a one way drop off or a multicity travel. Enter the starting point and end point, duration, date and time.
Now, you will be directed to our price deal on the different types of vehicles and select the one you prefer. Book the car! You can pay the full amount or partial in advance. Everything would be mentioned online. If you have our discount coupon, mention that. We accept all types of cards, and you can make cash payment also.
Filter your search through wide range of vehicles and price range. Our staff will be at your service round the clock. Advantage of online cab booking is that you can book in advance, can choose from wide range of booking options, vehicles and price list. Booking is done very quickly.
We are connected to 210+ cities now. We provide rental cabs for Outstation, local and transfer services. These services come in three types: Round trip, One way and Multi city travels. You can book for full day or half day. Book cabs for airport transfers, leisurely holidays, wedding, parties, business trips and any other kind of travel packages. Go through our travel guides to know more about the destination. We provide reliable and efficient service.
Call us: 0888 885 5220

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Travel through

Gone are those strenuous and lengthy naval expeditions for the exploration of unknown territories. Today we fly over oceans in a few hours! We travel through countries and travel across borders. We travel for recreation, business, and also for an exploration of unknown places. Basically, to travel means to move from one place to another that we all know.
Did you know that the word ‘travel’ was derived from the old French term called ‘travail’? Interestingly, ‘travail’ means ‘to toil hard’ or a ‘laborious task’. In the past, traveling was considered a laborious task due to the hardships one had to go through while traveling from one place to another.

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The term was largely referred to ‘exploration’ of new places. People traveled on barefoot, in carts and manual carriages. One can imagine the difficulties of passing through thick jungles, wild forests, mountain valleys and desert having no hopes for a ‘safe return’. Today, a traveler stumbles upon countless tea shops and restaurants at every stop to fill his empty stomach. Truly it was a ‘laborious task’ for our ancestors to travel.
Even amidst such hardships some of our brave ancestors took up expeditions and kick started the exploration of unknown territories because of which the world looks so small a place to invent anything new now! One needs no vehicles to travel through these days. Wondering how?
All of us are explorers now on the net. We travel through and across borders in a second. No hardships. We cull information about travel destinations, book vehicles and tickets, reserve accommodation and all that takes no time.
I am not a travel enthusiast, most of my expeditions are of recreational kind, and family oriented trips. Love to sit and sip in a couch at a corner of my sweet home and I do travel through my mind, and try to reach across all depths of my inner world.
So, you guess, the word ‘travel’ travels through barriers of time and place!! Still wonder…what leads one to move from one place another. Why does one ‘travel’?
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